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William Jennings Bryan
Suggested Reading

"I found I have power over the audience. God grant that I may use it wisely."
- On public speaking

A Righteous Cause: The Life of William Jennings Bryan
(Robert W. Cherny)
William Jennings Bryan is one of the most influential "failures" of American politics: a three-time Democratic nominee for president who, although he never won the office, transformed his party into an institution "pledged," in biographer Robert W. Cherny's words, "to use the power of government on behalf of those displaced and disadvantaged by the advance of industrialization and the emergence of corporate behemoths." Although he is best remembered for two events--his electrifying "cross of gold" speech at the 1896 Democratic convention and his work for the prosecution in the Scopes trial of 1925--his career was extremely rich in incident. Cherny draws amply upon Bryan's own writings and correspondence to produce a portrait of the lifelong political crusader that, while comparatively short in length, offers a substantial evaluation of his legacy.

Life of William Jennings Bryan
(Genevieve Forbes Herrick, John Origen Herrick)
The life of William Jennings Bryan is the simple story of a simple man. Known as the Commoner throughout the world and United States. Bryan ran for president three times, being defeated by Taft once and McKinley twice. As Secretary of State, being a pacifist, he resigned his position because he was against Wilson's policy after the Lusitania sank. This work tells the story of his interesting life without any searching criticism.

McKinley, Bryan, and the People
(Paul W. Glad)
A study of the crucial election of 1896 that became a conflict between two great national myths--the yeoman farmer and the self-made man of success.

Memories of William Jennings Bryan
(William Jennings Bryan, Mary Baird Bryan)
Mr. Bryan's unfinished memoirs, which close with an account of the Baltimore convention of 1912, make up less than half the volume. Mrs. Bryan then takes up the tale. She traces some of the steps in his career, going back to his student days, and fills out the unfinished record with an account of his life in Washington and his later years.


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