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French-Indian War
(1754 - 1763)

1752June 21 - French attack Fort Pickawillany, most of the English traders taken prisoner
1753Autumn - Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Dinwiddie sends G.Washington with a letter to the French commander (Captain Jacques Legardeur de St. Pierre) at Fort LeBeouf, demanding that the French abandon territory allegedly belonging to the English; Dinwiddie’s demand is declined
1754Spring - Members of the Ohio Company begin work on a fortification near [present day] Pittsburgh, PA
1754April - French troops evict the English from their incomplete fort and begin building Fort Duquesne
175428 May - Battle of Jumonville Glen: Washington defeats French party under Ensign Coulon de Jumonville, then retreats and begins building Fort Necessity
17543 July - Siege of Fort Necessity; Washington surrenders to Coulon de Villiers, signs articles of capitulation
175514 April - English Brigadier General Edward Braddock arrives in Virginia with two regiments of English regulars, begins plans to march on Fort Duquesne
1755May - France counters by sending six battalions to America
17556 June - Battle of the Grand Banks; Britain's Admiral Boscawen tries to intercept these six French battalions off Newfoundland, he captures only two
17554-15 June - Siege and capture of Fort Beauséjour [in present day New Brunswick], nearby Fort Gaspereau is abandoned by its French garrison
17554 July - British begin deportating the French from Acadia
17559 July - Battle of the Monongahela, PA; English under Braddock defeated and Colonel George Washington assumes temporary command as they retreat back to Virginia
1755Summer - Shirley fails at Fort Niagara
17558 September - Battle of Lake George, NY; Johnson victorious
1755October - Expulsion of the French inhabitants of Acadia begins
175627 March - French troops under Lt. Chaussegros De Lery attack Fort Bull (English fort in central New York)
175612 May - The Marquis Louis Joseph de Montcalm (new commander of New France) arrives in Quebec with reinforcements
175618 May - Britain and France halt negotiations, Seven Years' War begins as Britain declares war on France
17563 July - Ambush of division under John Bradstreet, at Oswego, New York by Canadians and Indians
175623 July - New English commander, John Campbell Earl of Loudoun, arrives in North America
175614-15 August - Siege of Oswego: Montcalm takes Fort Oswego this English outpost on Lake Ontario; the French now control Lake Ontario
17569 September - Battle of Kittaning: Armstrong leads a successful raid against Delaware Indian camp - war chief Captain Jacobs is killed
175721 January - First Battle on Snowshoes; Rogers, with 73 men, is ousted by twice that many French
1757Mid March - Pierre François de Rigaud leads an unsuccessful raid on Fort William Henry
175726 July - Battle of Sabbath Day Point, 3/4 of Colonel John Parker’s New Jersey Regiment is killed or captured
17579 August - Marquis De Montcalm besieges and takes Fort William Henry
17574 December - William Pitt named British war minister
175730 December - The Earl of Loudoun is replaced by General James Abercrombie
175813 March - Second Battle on Snowshoes; Rogers loses 129 (killed or missing) out of 184, French lose only 30
17588-26 June - Siege of Louisbourg: The French, under Chevalier de Drucour, surrender this fortress on Cape Breton Island
1758Early July - English Brigadier General John Forbes begins his campaign to take Fort Duquesne [present day Pittsburgh] from the French
17588 July - Battle of Ticonderoga: English under Abercromby are repulsed at Fort Carillon
175827 July - Amherst takes Louisbourg
175827 August - Raid on Fort Frontenac: Bradstreet captures this French outpost assuring English control of Lake Ontario
175814 September - Battle of Grant’s Hill: English army under Major Grant attacks a group of French Indian Allies near Fort Duquesne; Grant is taken prisoner and 273 English troops are killed, captured, or missing
175812 October - Battle of Fort Ligonier: 600 French and Indians unsuccessfully attack this fort garrisoned by Colonel James Burd
175825 November - Occupation of Fort Duquesne by Forbes (which has been abandoned and burned by the French), construction begins on Fort Pitt
175926 June - Siege and capture of Fort Niagara: Johnson defeats the French under Captain Pouchot, who surrenders on 25 July
175927 June - Siege of Québec begins, the city yields to the English on 17 September
175922 July - Fort Carillon [Ticonderoga] abandoned by the French to the English General Jeffrey Amherst
175924 July - 1300 French and Indians under Colonel Ligneris are annihilated at La Belle Famille
175931 July - Battle of Montmorency Gorge: General Wolfe’s men at Quebec are repulsed by Montcalm
175913 September - Battle of the Plains of Abraham: Quebec (under Montcalm) capitulates to Wolfe's forces after 4 days, both Montcalm and Wolfe are mortally wounded
17594 October - Rogers' Rangers raid St. Francis Abenaki
176027 April - Battle of Sainte Foy: General de Lévis defeats the English under General Murray
176016 May - English reinforcements force the French to break off their siege of Quebec and retreat to Montreal
176019-31 August - Siege of Fort Lévis: French fort under Captain Pouchot [Ogdensburg, NY] surrenders to English General Jeffrey Amherst
17608 September - French Governor Vaudreuil surrenders Montreal (and all of New France) to the English under General Jeffrey Amherst
176224 June - Capture of St. John’s: French force under the Chevalier de Ternay and the Comte d’Haussonville takes this English post in Newfoundland
176213 September - Colonel William Amherst leads English expeditionary force to St. John’s
176215 September - Battle of Signal Hill: Amherst’s troops attempt to re-capture St. John’s
176218 September - The French at St. John's are forced to surrender
176310 February - England, Spain, and France sign the Treaty of Paris
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(10 February 1763)

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