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King Philip's War
(1675 - 1678)

1675January - John Sassamon dies at Assawampsett Pond
1675June - Sassamon's alleged murderers are executed at Plymouth
1675June - Rhode Island, Plymouth, and Massachusetts authorities attempt negotiation with Philip and seek guarantees of fidelity from Nipmucks and Narragansetts
1675June - Hostilities broke out in the town of Swansea
1675June - Massachusetts troops march to Swansea to join Plymouth troops
1675June - Wampanoags attack Rehoboth and Taunton, elude colonial troops, and leave Mount Hope for Pocasset
1675June - Mohegans travel to Boston and offer to fight on the English side
1675July - Wampanoags attack Middleborough and Dartmouth
1675July - Nipmucks attack Mendon
1675July - Narragansetts sign a peace treaty with Connecticut
1675July - Massachusetts envoy attempts to negotiate with the Nipmucks
1675July - Philip and his troops escape an English siege and flee Pocasset for Nipmuck territory
1675August - Nipmucks attack Massachusetts troops and besiege Brookfield
1675August - Massachusetts Council orders Christian Indians confined to praying towns
1675August - A group of unidentified Indians kill seven colonists at Lancaster
1675August - Captain Samuel Moseley arrests fifteen Hassanemesit Indians near Marlborough for the Lancaster assault and marches them to Boston
1675September - Wampanoags and Nipmucks attack Deerfield. Massachusetts forces led by Moseley attack the town of Pennacook
1675September - Colonists abandon Deerfield, Squakeag, and Brookfield
1675September - Narragansetts sign a treaty with the English in Boston. Massachusetts troops are ambushed near Northampton
1675October - The government, still distrustful of peaceful Indians, began to deport Indians to various islands. Many such Indians, crowded onto barren islands, died from hunger or disease that winter
1675October - Pocumtucks attack and destroy Springfield
1675October - Massachusetts Council orders Christian Indians removed to Deer Island
1675October - English repel Indians from Hatfield
1675November - Nipmucks take captive Christian Indians at Magunkaquog, Chabanakongkomun, and Hassanemesit, including James Printer
1675November - Commissioners of the United Colonies order a united army to attack the Narragansetts
1675December - Massachusetts Council prints a broadside explaining the case against the Narragansetts
1675December - United colonial forces attack Narragansetts at the Great Swamp
1676January - Philip travels westward to Mohawk territory, seeking, but failing to secure, an alliance
1676January - Joshua Gift is captured by the English
1676January - Narragansetts attack Pawtuxet
1676February - Nipmucks attack Lancaster; Mary Rowlandson is taken captive
1676February - Philip and Wampanoags attack Northampton. Massachusetts Council debates erecting a wall around Boston
1676February - Nipmucks attack Medfield
1676February - Massachusetts General Court debates the fate of Christian Indians. Indians assault sites within ten miles of Boston
1676March - Nipmucks attack Groton
1676March - Longmeadow, Marlborough, and Simsbury are attacked
1676March - Nipmucks attack English forces near Sudbury
1676March - Indians attack Rehoboth
1676March - Providence is destroyed
1676April - Indians attack Sudbury
1676May - Mary Rowlandson is released and returns to Boston
1676May - English forces attack sleeping Indians near Deerfield
1676May - Indians attack Hatfield
1676May - Christian Indians are moved from Deer Island to Cambridge
1676June - Indians attack Hadley but are repelled by Connecticut soldiers
1676June - Massachusetts issues a declaration of amnesty for Indians who surrender
1676June - Captain Tom is executed in Boston
1676July - Major John Talcott and his troops begin sweeping Connecticut and Rhode Island, capturing large numbers of Algonquians who are transported out of the colonies as slaves throughout the Summer; James Printer surrenders in Cambridge
1676July - Captain Benjamin Church and his soldiers begin sweeping Plymouth for Wampanoags; Indians attack Taunton but are repelled
1676July - Nearly two hundred Nipmucks surrender in Boston
1676August - Benjamin Church captures Philip's wife and son
1676August - Philip is killed by a Wampanoag fighting with Captain Benjamin Church, his death effectively ended the natives' resistance in New England
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