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(1494 - 1861)

1495 Syphilis epidemic spreads from Naples all over Europe through Fr. soldiers
1497 Severe famine in Florence
1506 Niccolò Machiavelli creates Florentine militia, first national army in Italy
1523 First marine insurance policies issued at Florence
1550 Game of billiards played for the first time in Italy
1560 Visiting cards used for the first time by Germ. students in Italy
1566 Notizie Scritte, one of first newspapers, appears in Venice
1575 Outbreaks of plague in Sicily, spreading through Italy up to Milan
1580 Venice imports coffee from Turkey to Italy
1582 Gregorian Calendar adopted in Papal States, Spain, and Portugal, France and the Netherlands and Scandinavia
1584 Banco di Rialto founded in Venice
1587 Construction of Rialto Bridge, Venice, by Antonio da Ponte
1593 Sant' Ambrogio Bank founded in Milan
1605 Bibliotteca Anglica, first public library in Rome, founded
1607 Bank of Genoa fails after announcement of national bankruptcy in Spain
1631 Earthquake in Naples; eruption of Vesuvius
1640 First European café opens in Venice
1648 Mirrors and chandeliers are being manufactured in Murano
1736 Manufacture of glass begins in Venice at Murano
1779 Pope Pius VI begins draining Pontine Marshes

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