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HumanitiesWeb FAQ

How do I cite this website?
Both MLA and APA formats are available here.

How do I find out the value of a painting, sketch, print, etc?
Artcyclopedia (a wonderful art resource) has an outline that may help you here. Unfortunately, I just don't have the background to be of any use.

Can you help me find a print of [insert painting name here]?
Try They have a wonderful selection, and it helps support this site.

How can I support this site? (Okay, that's not really an FAQ, but I thought you should know anyway).
Financially, by using my links to purchase books from,or prints from

Does this website make money?
Not a dime :-) The commissions from the above sales partially cover the cost of running this site. The rest comes from my pocket.

When are you going to add [insert artist, composer or writer] to Humanities Web?
As much as I would like to scan every piece of art, type every poem, and list every piece of music ever created, my time and energy resources are limited. Contributions of time or resources are very welcome though.

Can I contribute to this site?
Yes!! If you have a particular area of expertise or interest, and would like to help keep that portion of the site up to date, contribute articles or essays to it, please contact me!

Will you link to my website?
If you send me the URL and where you think the link might be appropriate, I will be happy to consider it.

I have to write a report about [insert artist, composer or writer here]. If you'd be kind enough to critique some of his work, It would be greatly appreciated. PS Please hurry, it's due tomorrow.
If you find someone to do your homework for you, let me know. Perhaps they will go to work for me as well :-). If you need guidance or suggestions, please leave a query in the appropriate forum at the community.

Can I use these scans on my computer (as wallpaper or for my screensaver)?
Yes! Please do :-) You can save an image as your wallpaper by right-clicking the image and using the menu there to choose an option.

What about using the images on my own website?
Yes, you are welcome to copy a handful of images (please be reasonable tho-don't just repeat my site somewhere else), but please save the image to your own server. I can barely afford my own traffic. Credit and a link back would be the mannerly thing to do :-)

Who designed this site?
I did. I hardcode in textpad and do my own graphics. An excellent programmer recently databased the site. If you are interested in his services, you can use the feedback link at the bottom of this page.

I found an error or typo! Where do I report it?
I appreciate everyone's efforts to make Humanities Web the best that it can be. Errors, omissions and typos should be reported here I promise to get to it as soon as I possibly can.

If your question hasn't already been answered, and it isn't an appropriate entry for the communities, use this link.