- Tomaso Albinoni - The Life of a Self-confessed Musical Dillettante [Suggested Reading]
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Tomaso Albinoni
Suggested Reading

Baroque Music
(Claude V. Palisca)
A survey of the principal genres and composers of the Baroque.

Companion to Baroque Music
(Julie Anne Sadie (Editor), Christopher Hogwood )
The Companion to Baroque Music is an illuminating survey of musical life in Europe and the New World from 1600 to 1750. With informative essays on the social, national, geographical, and cultural contexts of the music and musicians of the period by such internationally known scholars as Peter Holman, Louise Stein, Michael Talbot, Julie Anne Sadie, Stanley Sadie, and David Fuller, the Companion offers a fresh perspective on the musical styles and performance practices of the Baroque era.

Tomaso Albinoni : The Venetian Composer and His World
(Michael Talbot)
Michael Talbot looks in detail at Albinoni's output, and, placing the composer in his historical context, argues for a general re-appraisal of his achievement. He provides a detailed review of Albinoni's works according to chronology and genre and includes a discussion of several newly discovered works. Alongside this review is a penetrating analysis of Albinoni's musical style in general, resulting from many years of familiarity with the music. Talbot also presents new information about Albinoni's unusual life and many interesting details of Venetian background, showing how this very distinctive social and cultural environment left its mark on the composer. Also included is a complete catalogue of Albinoni's works, and a guide to modern editions.


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