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Felix Mendelssohn
Suggested Reading

Mendelssohn and His World
(R. Larry Todd (Editor) )
During the 1830s and 1840s the remarkably versatile composer-pianist-organist-conductor Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy stood at the forefront of German and English musical life. Bringing together previously unpublished essays by historians and musicologists, reflections on Mendelssohn written by his contemporaries, the composer's own letters, and early critical reviews of his music, this volume explores various facets of Mendelssohn's music, his social and intellectual circles, and his career. The essays in Part I cover the nature of a Jewish identity in Mendelssohn's music (Leon Botstein); his relationship to the Berlin Singakademie (William A. Little); the role of his sister Fanny Hensel, herself a child prodigy and accomplished composer (Nancy Reich); Mendelssohn's compositional craft in the Italian Symphony and selected concert overtures (Claudio Spies); his oratorio Elijah (Martin Staehelin); his incidental music to Sophocles' Antigone (Michael P. Steinberg); his anthem "Why, O Lord, delay forever?" (David Brodbeck); and an unfinished piano sonata (R. Larry Todd). Part II presents little-known memoirs by such contemporaries as J. C. Lobe, A. B. Marx, Julius Schubring, C. E. Horsley, Max Mller, and Betty Pistor. Mendelssohn's letters are represented in Part III by his correspondence with Wilhelm von Boguslawski and Aloys Fuchs, here translated for the first time. Part IV contains late nineteenth-century critical reviews by Heinrich Heine, Franz Brendel, Friedrich Niecks, Otto Jahn, and Hans von Bulow.

Reminiscences of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy : A Social and Artistic Biography
(Elise Polko )
Polko, an important German novelist, poet, and musician of her day, studied singing under Felix Mendelssohn. Polko's work was originally published in 1869. The new unabridged re-publication of the English translation is therefore a valuable resource in that it represents primary source materials, including opinions and testimonies of many of Mendelssohn's well-known contemporaries. . . this is a significant reprint of a work that has established its niche in the literature of Mendelssohniana.

The Mendelssohns on Honeymoon : The 1837 Diary of Felix and Cecile Mendelssohn Bartholdy Together With Letters to Their Families
This is the first publication of the joint illustrated diary kept by the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and his wife Cecile, during their honeymoon and the early months of their marriage in 1837. It covers both travels in the Rhineland and Black Forest, and Mendelssohn's visit to England later that year, and includes unpublished correspondence, drawings, and watercolours by Mendelssohn.


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