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Gustav Mahler
Suggested Reading

Gustav Mahler : An Introduction to His Music
(Deryck Cooke )
Originally published by Faber and Faber, this new edition is a one-volume study of Mahler by one of his most learned and enthusiastic devotees. Following Cooke's death, the manuscript was prepared by Colin and David Matthews who updated the text, taking into account recent Mahler research, and incorporating Cook's later writings on Mahler.

Gustav Mahler : Vienna : The Years of Challenge (1897-1904)
(Henry-Louis De LA Grange )
In an age of artistic accomplishment, Gustav Mahler stood out as one of the supremely gifted musicians of his generation. As a composer, he won acclaim for his startling originality. As a conductor, his relentless pursuit of perfection was sometimes seen as tyrannical by the singers and musicians who came under his baton. And always, even with his greatest triumphs, he provoked controversy among the critics. Now Henry-Louis de La Grange, Mahler's celebrated biographer, offers new insight into Mahler's life and work with his latest look at the career of this musical genius.

Gustav Mahler: Vienna: Triumph and Disillusion
(Henry-Louis de La Grange)
Eminent Mahler expert Henry-Louis de La Grange continues with his epic biographical journey in this highly anticipated third volume of his Mahler biography. These are the years that gave us some of the composer's most celebrated works, during a time of great stress and creative upheaval.

Mahler : A Biography
(Jonathan Carr)
Evaluating with exemplary judiciousness the masses of material about Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), British journalist Jonathan Carr pens a highly readable biography. Whether describing the composer's youth in Central Europe, triumphs as a conductor in Vienna and New York, or stormy marriage to Alma Schindler, Carr elucidates Mahler's complex nature without presuming to "explain" it. Devilish or saintly? Cunning or naive? Extrovert or withdrawn? "He was all these things," writes Carr, "brandishing his contradictions in music of stinging intensity." Mahler's compositions and personality gain new dimensions from this fresh, nuanced approach.

Mahler Remembered
(Norman Lebrecht )
Music journalism's favorite muckraker, Norman Lebrecht, is a virtuosic writer. His delectable talents are apparent even when culling primary sources into an anthology, as he does in this superb collection of observations by those who had personal contact with Mahler (enemies as well as advocates). Originally published in the late 1980s, Mahler Remembered makes a welcome--and attractively priced--comeback in Faber & Faber's series and is a must for any true Mahlerian.


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