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Alban Berg
Suggested Reading

Alban Berg : Master of the Smallest Link
(Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno, Juliane Brand and Christopher Hailey (translators) )
In addition to being Adorno's personal account of the life and musical works of his mentor, friend, and composition teacher, this book explores the historical and cultural significance of Berg's music and its relationship to that of other nineteenth- and twentieth-century composers.

The Cambridge Companion to Berg
(Anthony Pople, editor) )
In this addition to the Cambridge Companion series, 13 essays by 11 authors provide a useful and interesting introduction to the music and personality of Alban Berg. The volume is divided into three main sections and a postscript: "Culture and Environment," "From Song to Opera," and "After Wozzeck." The essays deal with everything from "cultural politics" to Berg's compositional techniques, and the postscript tries to establish Berg's place in and influence on the history of 20th-century composition. The book suffers in places from an overly academic approach to its subject (not to mention an overly academic vocabulary), but the reasonably informed lay reader with an interest in Berg will still find it informative and helpful in understanding his music and its context.

The Music of Alban Berg (Composers of the Twentieth Century)
( David John Headlam )
In this sophisticated analysis of the music of Austrian composer Alban Berg, Dave Headlam charts Berg`s development from late-romantic tonality to atonality and finally to his own distinctive dodecaphonic language. In so doing, Headlam defines Berg`s musical language and brings to light the compositional continuity that underlies all of his works.


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