- Gabriel Urbain Fauré - Elegance and Restraint [Quotations]
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Gabriel Urbain Fauré

"I know that excellence and perfection do not seem much in an age when praise has lost all equilibrium; but to those who understand these things, they do after all still have meaning."
"I should like to take a line that is both classical and modern, sacrificing neither contemporary practice to hallowed traditions nor traditions to the fashion of the moment. Above all, I favor liberalism: I would not wish to exclude anything that has a serious contribution to make. I’m not biased in favor of any school and there is no type of music I’m inclined to ban, provided it is the outcome of a sincere and well-founded point of view."
"All this time my colleagues (some of them a good deal younger than me, some mere beginners) are played far and wide, and their music is circulated far and wide too, because their publishers take trouble over them. If I were to make a list of all my disappointments on this front I’d never get to the end. I’ve had enough. I’m eaten up with impatience and useless regrets and I want an end of it."
"That's how I see death: as a joyful deliverance, an aspiration towards
a happiness beyond the grave, rather than as a painful experience."
"Composing is like a sticking door that I have to open."
"They won't come, these poisonous harmonies! I'm trying as hard as I can but nothing will come! How lucky painters are! They have their subject, and people can talk and sing all around them and it doesn't bother them at all."

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