- Just a Phase? The music of Steve Reich [Quotations]
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Steve Reich

"As a performer what I want is to be told exactly what to do within a musical ensemble, and to find that by doing it well I help make beautiful music. This is what I ask of my own compositions, those of another composer, and this is what I looked for and found when I studied Balinese and African music. The pleasure I get from playing is not the pleasure of expressing myself, but of subjugating myself to the music and experiencing the ecstasy that comes from being a part of it."
"A performance for us is a situation where all the musicians, including myself, attempt to set aside our individual thoughts and feelings of the moment, and try to focus our minds and bodies clearly on the realization of one continuous musical process."
"What I'm interested in is a compositional process and a sounding music that are one and the same thing"
"Electronic music as such will gradually die and be absorbed into the ongoing music of people singing and playing instruments."
"The pulse and the concept of clear tonal center will re-emerge as basic sources of new music."

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