- Domenico Scarlatti's Dance of the Keys [Recommended Recordings]
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Domenico Scarlatti
Recommended Recordings

Domenico Scarlatti: Sonatas
(Dubravka Tomsic)

Horowitz Vol II - The Celebrated Scarlatti Recordings
(Vladimir Horowitz)
Horowitz played Scarlatti when few even knew of the composer's existence. His championship of these infectious works dismayed purists for whom harpsichord works on the concert grand is heresy. But Horowitz makes these wry, witty pieces his own. His sheer delight is amply seen in the quicksilver D-major Sonata, L. 424, and his lovingly caressed A-minor Sonata, L. 241. Throughout, Horowitz keeps within a strict classical frame while performing wonders of articulation and tonal color. Great pianism as well as an example of his adventurous musical curiosity. (review by Dan Davis)

Vivi Felice!
(Teodoro Anzellotti)
Scarlatti played on the accordion? Yes, and done very well. Teodoro Anzellotti, the accordionist who delivered a stunning Satie disc a few years ago, is back with a disc of Scarlatti keyboard concerto excerpts. With its incredible packaging and awe-inspiring playing, you won't be disappointed.


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