- Elliott Carter - Modern Renaissance Man [Selected Works]
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Selected Works

"It's always seemed to me that instruments, in a certain sense, offer one materials for composition just by virtue of having, as they always do, built-in "character-structure," so to speak, which can be suggestive of musical possibilities both on the level of sonority and on that of actual music behavior"

Key Works
1936 Tarantella for Male Chorus and Orchestra
1939 Ballet,Pocahontas
1944 The Harmony of Morning for Female Chorus and Small Orchestra
  Symphony No.1
1947 Ballet,The Minotaur
1956 Variations for Orchestra
1961 Double Concerto for Harpsichord and Piano with 2 Chamber Orchestra
1965 Concerto for Piano
1969 Concerto,for Orchestra
1975 A Mirror on Which to Dwell for Soprano and 9 players
1976 A Symphony of Three Orchestras
1978 Syringa a Cantata for Soprano and Small Ensemble
1985 Penthode
1986 String Quartet No. 4
1990 Violin Concerto

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