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Selected Works

"When we separate music from life we get art."

Key Works
1940 Bacchanale for prepared piano
1942 Credo in Us
1943 Tosses as it Is Untroubled for prepared piano
1944 Perilous Night for prepared piano
  A Book of Music for two prepared pianos
1945 Three Dances for two prepared pianos
1947 Seasons for piano or orchestra
1948 Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano
1950 String Quartet in Four Parts
1951 Music of Changes
  Concerto for Prepared Piano and Chamber Orchestra
1952 4'33"
  Williams Mix
  Music for Carillon No.1
  Piano Solo,Waiting (1952)
1956 Music for Piano (nos 1-84)
1958 Aria for solo voice
1959 Fontana Mix
1960 Cartridge Music
  Theater Piece :,from guidelines 8 performers create their own actions and sounds
1962 4'33" No.2 or 0'0" : solo to be performed in any way by anyone
1969 HPSCHD (with Lejaren Hiller)
1977 Telephones and Birds (3 performers, telephone announcements and recordings)
1978 l treno, 3 happenings for prepared trains
  Pools, for conch shells and tape
  Variations VIII, for no music or recordings
1981 Thirty Pieces for Five Orchestras
Improvisations Nos 1-4 (1975-80)
Nos 1-3,Construction, 1939-41
Nos 1-5,Imaginary Landscape, 1939-52 (uses phonograph recordings, oscillators, radios and other electronic items)
Quartets Nos 1-8 (1976-77)

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