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Giacomo Puccini
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"That which I have dreamed is always very far from that which I am able to hold fast and write down on paper. An artist seems to me to be a man who looks at beauty through a pair of glasses which, as he breathes, becomes clouded over and veils the bea uty he sees. He takes his handkerchief. He cleans his glasses. He sees clearly again. But at the first breath the absolute beauty disappears. It is only the veil, the approximation, that we can perceive."

Il Centro studi Giacomo Puccini
Founded as a non-profit organization in 1996. Its goals are to to collect and disseminate information about Giacomo Puccini and fin-de-siècle opera in general, and to encourage the study of the composer and his works, as well as their performance, throughout the world.

La Boheme
(Poster for the opera by J Martinez )

Madama Butterfly
(Poster for the opera)


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