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Gustav Mahler
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Austria Composer - Gustav Mahler
(Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Angelegenheiten (Austria Tourism site))
Very informative site

Composer Gustav Mahler struggled to balance two worlds
(CBC Radio)
In this fascinating interview in Real Audio, researchers Frances Wainwright and Marilyn Powell introduce us to the emotional complexities of the great composer, Gustav Mahler. They say he was happy and sad, and sweet and intense. He was the confident outsider. He expressed both love and pain through his music. Who was the true Mahler? There is a definite anguish imbedded in the duality if his life. From somewhere within these contradictions, these researchers reveal the secret to Mahler's enduring worldwide appeal.

(William Beh, The Flying Inkpot)
You may be familiar with Mahler's popular but ponderous symphonies that last up to an hour. This humorous essay, sponsored by "Fortepiano Pharmaceuticals", describes the various levels of the infectious disease, "Mahleria." Millions of people contract this disease and become fanatical about Mahler's music. The disease is most contagious in concert halls, CD shops and newsgroups. Mild cases are treatable through anti-mahlerian drugs in the form of music by Bach, Haydn, and Sibelius. Virulent cases require much stronger dosages in the form of Madonna, Stevie Wonder, and Elves Presley. The author describes how to identify people who are infected, how to diagnose the intensity of the disease, and how to avoid unhealthy contact. Sometimes, the only method of prevention is to pretend one is already infected, to find a chance for escape at the earliest opportunity.

The Mahler Symphonies : A synoptic survey
(Tony Duggan)
Whilst Mahler continues to be a divisive figure within classical music, the issue of his relevance remains insistent. Composers acknowledging his influence are as diverse as Schoenberg and Britten, and conductors willing to testify to his artistry include Bernstein and Solti. Mahler is (in)famous, of course, for composing elaborate music built around-- or alternately, deriving from--major themes. This recent collection of individual essays provides a synoptic survey of each of the 9 Symphonies. The aim is to see how a musical whole relates to its thematic parts, and the way the musical parts relate to a greater thematic whole. Mahler is revealed as a visionary working his way towards his own all-encompassing and self-reflexive musical Essay. Expect your eyes, and ears, to be opened.


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