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The Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery. Art, like poetry and music, is a very personal medium. Everyone has an opinion about which artists possess greatness. Further complicating the issue are the many facets of great art - the subject, colours, and style used, and the time in which it was produced. But most of all, it is that intangible element of expressed and evoked feeling that defines a great work of art. It is therefore not the intention of this website merely to recount who the great artists were, but rather to let readers determine - through viewing the accompanying works - why such artists as da Vinci, Rembrandt, Monet, and Picasso stood out among their peers, and continue to do so today. In exploring the lives of their peers, and the times in which they lived, we also discover artists who, in their time, were considered genius, but whose work did not stand the tests of time, and who became mere footnotes in the history of art.

Most of all, it is hoped that whatever artistic preference one may have, the pages found here will provide a better understanding and greater appreciation of the indelible contribution artists have made to our world.


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