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pixel - Art Restoration

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28 October, 2012
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Art Restoration
When we think of restoring works of art we typically bring to mind Renaissance old masters, Rembrandts, and the like. However, many of our "new masters" are nearing the half-century mark and have begun to fall into the "needs help" category in museum collections. One such painting, a Jackson Pollock, was recently worked upon to correct a malady involving peeling paint. The huge, wall-sized canvas was taken down and inspected. Upon doing so, technicians found one area contained an apparently non-archival cigarette butt! Worse than that, it had come loose and was in danger of falling off the canvas, taking a small area of nearby paint with it! What to do? How do you restore a cigarette butt? Heading for the library, they found that Jackson's Pollock's favourite brand was Lucky Strike. You can guess the rest.

Contributed by Lane, Jim
19 October 1997


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