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William Blake
Illustrations for the Divine Comedy

Selected Works
Inferno, Canto I, 1-90 Dante running from three beasts is rescued by Virgil
Inferno, Canto XIX, 42-120, The simoniac Pope
Inferno, Canto XXIV, Thieves
Inferno, Canto XXV, 12-33, Centaur Cacus Threatens Vanni Fucci
Inferno, Canto XXVI, 44-71, Ulisses & Diomedes wrapped in the same flame
Inferno, Canto XXXI, Antaeus sets down Dante and Virgil in the 9th circle
Inferno, Canto XXXIII, 13-93, Count Ugolino and his sons in prison
Inferno, Canto XXXIV, 22-64, Lucifer at the last section of the nineth circle
Purgatory, Canto 9, Dante and Virgil before the Angelic Guardian of the Gate of Purgatory
Inferno, Canto XIV, 46-72, Capaneus the Blasphemer
Inferno, Canto XII, 12-28, The Minotaur (Seventh Circle)
Inferno, Canto XI, 1-15, Scheme of the Circles of Hell
Inferno, Canto II, 139-141, Dante and Virgil enter the wood
Inferno, Canto III, 1-10, Dante and Virgil enter Hell
Inferno, Canto IV, 89-95, Homer and the ancient poets
Inferno, Canto V, 37-138, The Whirlwind of Lovers; Francesca da Rimini
Inferno, Canto VI, 12-35, Cerberus
Inferno, Canto VII, 110-127, The Stygian Lake with angry sinners fighting.
Inferno, Canto VIII, 30-64, Virgil repelling Filippo Argenti from the Boat
Inferno, Canto IX, 44-64, The Angel an the Gate of Dis
Purgatorio, Canto XXX, 60-146 Beatrice Addressing Dante

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