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Gustave Doré
Illustrations for Dante's Inferno

Selected Works
I found me in a gloomy wood, astray. (Canto I,. line 2)
a panther, nimble, light, (Canto I., line 30)
A lion came, 'gainst me as it appear'd, (CantoI,. line 43)
He, soon as he saw That I was weeping, answer'd (Canto I., lines 87-88)
Onward he moved, I close his steps pursued. (Canto I., line 132)
Now was the day departing, and the air, (Canto II., line 1)
I, who now bid thee on this errand forth, Am Beatrice (Canto II., lines 70-71)
All hope abandon, ye who enter here. (Canto III., line 9)
Comes on an old man, hoary white with eld, (Canto III., line 77)
Cast themselves, one by one, down from the shore (Canto III., line 108)
Only so far afflicted, that we life Desiring without hope. (Canto IV., lines 38-39)
So I beheld united the bright school (Canto IV., line 89)
There Minos stands. (Canto V., line 4)
The stormy blast of hell (Canto V., line 32)
I would address those two together coming, (Canto V., line 73)
Love brought us to one death: Caina waits (Canto V., line 105)
In its leaves that day We read no more. (Canto V., lines 134-135)
I, through compassion fainting, seem'd not far From death, (Canto V., lines 137-138)
Raised them, and cast it in his ravenous maw. (Canto VI., line 26)
Ye citizens Were wont to name me Ciacco (Canto VI., lines 51-52)
Curst wolf! thy fury inward on theyself (Canto VII., line 8)
Not all the gold that is beneath the moon, (Canto VII., line 65)
The souls of those, whom anger overcame. (Canto VII., line 119)
Soon as both embark'd, Cutting the waves, (Canto VIII., lines 27-28)
"Away! down there To the other dogs!" (Canto VIII., lines 40-41)
I could not hear what terms he offer'd them, (Canto VIII., line 110)
Mark thou each dire Erynnis. (Canto IX., line 46)
He came, and with his wand touch'd it, (Canto IX., line 88)
The arch-heretics are here, (Canto IX., line 125)
"Say what ancestors were thine." (Canto X., line 42)
behind the lid Of a great monument we stood retired. (Canto XI., lines 6-7)
The infamy of Crete (Canto XII., line 13)
Condem'd, who down this steep have journey'd. (Canto XII., line 59)
We to those beasts, that rapid strode along, Drew near. (Canto XII, lines 73-74)
Here the brute Harpies make their nest. (Canto XIII., line 41)
"Why pluck'st thou me?" (Canto XIII., line 34)
"Haste now," the foremost cried, "now haste thee, death"" (Canto XIII., line 120)
Unceasing was the play of wretched hands, (Canto XIV., line 37)
"Ser Brunetto! And are ye here?" (Canto XV., lines 28-29)
Forthwith that image vile of Fraud appear'd. (Canto XVII., line 7)
New terror I conceived at the steep plunge. (Canto XVII., line 117)
Ah! how they made them bound at the first stripe! (Canto XVIII., line 38)
"why greedily thus bendest more on me, (Canto XVIII., line 116)
Thais is this, the harlot (Canto XVIII., line 130)
There stood I like the friar, (Canto XIX., line 10)
They grappled him with more than hundred hooks. (Canto XXI., line 51)
"Be none of you outrageous." (Canto XXI., line 70)
"Thou art caught." (Canto XXII., line 126)
And in the boiling lake both well. (Canto XXII., line 139)
When over us the steep they reach'd. (Canto XXIII., line 54)
Disdain not to instruct us who thou art." (Canto XXIII., line 94)
he who gave the Pharisees Counsel, (Canto XXIII., lines 118-119)
Ran naked spirits wing'd with horrid fear (Canto XXIV., line 90)
"Ah! how does thou change, Agnello!" (Canto XXV., lines 60-61)
"Within these ardours are the spirits, each Swathed in confining fire." (Canto XXVI., lines 48-49)
Call thou to mind Piero of Medicina, (Canto XXVIII., lines 69-70)
By the hair It bore the sever'd member, lantern-wise (Canto XXVIII., lines 116-117)
But Virgil roused me: "What yet gazest on? (Canto XXIX., line 4)
The forgers noted on her dread record. (Canto XXIX., line 56)
The crust Came drawn from underneath in flakes (Canto XXIX., lines 79-80)
"That sprite of air is Schicchi; (Canto XXX., line 33)
"That is the ancient soul of wretched Myrrha." (Canto XXX., lines 38-39)
"Oh, senseless spirit! let thy horn for thee Interpret: (Canto XXXI., lines 64-65)
"This proud one Would of his strength against almighty Jove Make trial." (Canto XXXI., lines 82-84)
Lucifer with Judas (Canto XXXI., lines 134)
Take Good heed, thy soles do tread not on the heads (Canto XXXII., lines 20-21)
"Name thee, or not a hair shall tarry here!" (Canto XXXII., line 98)
On Menalippus' temples Tydeus gnawed, (Canto XXXII., line 128)
Then, not to make them sadder, I kep down My spirit in stillness. (Canto XXXIII., lines 62-63)
"Hast no help For me, my father?" (Canto XXXIII., lines 67-68)
Then, fasting got The mastery of grief. (Canto XXXIII., lines 73-74)
Where thou has need to arm thy heart with strength. (Canto XXXIV., line 21)
to return To the fair world. (Canto XXXIV., lines 128-129)
Thence issuing we again beheld the stars. (Canto XXXIV., line 133)

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