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Gustave Doré
Illustrations for Dante's Purgatorio

Selected Works
Four stars ne'er seen before (Canto I., line 27)
Made my bent knees and eye submissive pay Due reverence; (Canto I., line 57-58)
"Down, down; bend low Thy knees; behold God's angel: (Canto II., lines 29-30)
The heav'nly steersman at the prow was seen, (Canto II., line 45)
spirits, that toward us mov'd their steps, (Canto III., line 60)
We through the broken rock ascended, (Canto IV., line 33)
Belacqua, now for thee I grieve no more. (Canto IV., line 128)
Go therefore on, and listen as thou go'st. (Canto V., line 49)
Along the banks and bottom of his course; (Canto V., line137)
I once was Pia (Canto V., line 143)
There I with little innocents abide, (Canto VII., line 31)
Here chanting I beheld those spirits sit (Canto VII., line 91)
The serpent fled; (Canto VIII., line 116)
Now the fair consort of Tithonus old, (Canto IX, line 1)
And snatch'd me upward even to the fire. (Canto IX, line 28)
And one who watch'd, but spake not yet a word. (Canto IX, line 72)
A widow at his bridle stood, attir'd (Canto X, line 74)
I with that laden spirit journey'd on (Canto XII., line 2)
O fond Arachne! thee I also saw (Canto XII., line 43)
The sight of mis'ry. (Canto XIII., line 66)
"He," answer'd I, "who standeth mute beside me. (Canto XIII., line 77)
A multitude, in fury burning, (Canto XV., line 110)
Now who art thou, that through our smoke dost cleave? (Canto XVI., line 25)
since the cloudy smoke Forbids the seeing, hearing in its stead Shall keep us join'd. (Canto XVI., lines 37-39)
Soon they o'ertook us; with such swiftness mov'd The mighty crowd. (Canto XVIII., lines 98-99)
while th' angelic shape A little over us his station took. (Canto XIX., lines 56-57)
"What cause," said he, "Hath bow'd thee thus!" (Canto XIX., 138-139)
And, 'midst the wailing, (Canto XX., line 22)
Be it not said thou Scorn'st to talk with me." (Canto XXXIII., line 52)
The shadowy forms, That seem'd things dead and dead again, (Canto XXIV., lines 4-6)
Whereof Eve tasted, and from it was ta'en 'this plant." (Canto XXIV., lines 128-129)
Strict rein must in this place direct the eyes. A little swerving and the way is lost. (Canto XXV., lines122-123)
"O God of mercy!" heard I sung; (Canto XXV., line126)
Of such skill appliance needs To medicine the wound, that healeth last. (Canto XXV., lines 140-141)
A lady young and beautiful, I dream'd, (Canto XXVII., line 105)
Darkly beneath perpetual gloom, (Canto XXVIII., line 32)
By two and two, with flower-de-luces crown'd. (Canto XXIX., line 90)
Three nymphs (Canto XXIX., line 126)
A virgin in my view appear'd, beneath (Canto XXX., line 33)
"Loose not thy hold;" (Canto XXXI., line 98)
Shielded the harlot and the new-form'd brute. (Canto XXXII., line 164)
Lethe's water hath not hid it from him. (Canto XXXIII., line 130)

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