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Gustave Doré
Illustrations for Dante's Paradiso

Selected Works
That on white forehead set a pearl as strong (Canto III., line 14)
so drew Full more than thousand splendours towards us, (Canto V., line 106-107)
Already on my temples beam'd the crown, (Canto VIII., line 71)
Motion to motion, song to song, (Canto XII., line 5)
I beheld myself, Sole with my lady, to more lofty bliss Translated (Canto XIV., lines 82-83)
Christ Beam'd on that cross (Canto XIV., lines 103-104)
On that maim'd stone set up to guard the bridge, (Canto XVI., line 146)
The saintly creatures flying, (Canto XVIII., line 74)
Ye host of heaven! whose glory I survey (Canto XVIII., line 126)
Before my sight appear'd, with open wings, The beauteous image (Canto XIX., lines 1-2)
How lustrous was thy semblance in those sparkles, (Canto XX., line 15)
Again mine eyes were fix'd on Beatrice, (Canto XXI., line 1)
A ladder, which my ken pursued in vain, (Canto XXI., line 29)
Be to mine eyes the remedy (Canto XXVI., line 15)
My spirit reel'd, so passing sweet the strain: (Canto XXVII., line 4)
Then heard I echoing on from choir to choir, (Canto XXVII., line 86)
In fashion, as a snow-white rose, lay then Before my view the saintly multitude, (Canto XXXI., lines 1-2)
O Lady! thou in whom my hopes have rest! (Canto XXXI., line 76)

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