- Tiziano Vecelli (Titian)
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Tiziano Vecelli (Titian)
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Painting in Sixteenth Century Venice : Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto
(David Painting in Cinquecento Venice Rosand )

(Filippo Pedrocco )
In the quarter century since the last catalogue raisonné of Titian, more research has been carried out on the painter than in the whole of the previous four hundred years. New documentation has come to light, pictures have been cleaned and major exhibitions have allowed for scrupulous comparisons to be made. As a result, Titian's whole oeuvre has been reassessed, many old questions of attribution settled-and a few new ones raised. This new book is the first work to encompassess his entire oeuvre.

(Marion Kaminski )
Masters of Italian Art Series

Titian's Women
(Rona Goffen )
Just as the Italian peninsula itself was a patchwork of widely divergent city-states up until the 19th-century risorgimento, so the art and artists of the Italian Renaissance differed according to the regions in which they flourished. If Florence is the city most often associated with Renaissance art, Venice runs a close second; and of all the artists associated with the Venetian style, Titian is arguably the greatest. In Titian's Women, art historian Rona Goffen examines the role of women in the great man's work. Whether painting a bride or a goddess, Titian brought a degree of respect and empathy to his portraits; though his models may have been prostitutes, Goffen argues, the finished subjects were indisputably ladies. Combining art history with a remarkable command of the period's social history, Goffen crafts a fascinating discussion of Titian's work, his times, and his particular genius.


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