- Totally Tessellated - The Art of M.C. Escher [Suggested Reading]
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Maurits Cornelis Escher
Suggested Reading

"I don't grow up. In me is the small child of my early days."

M.C. Escher : His Life and Complete Graphic Work
(M. C. Escher, J.L. Locher (Editor), F. Bool )

Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher
(Bruno Ernst, M. C. Escher)

The Magic of M. C. Escher
(M. C. Escher, J. L. Locher (Introduction), W. F. Veldhuysen)
M. C. Escher's mesmerizing artworks create a realm of enchantment and illusion, and tens of thousands of people everywhere have fallen under his spell. This exciting new book deepens our understanding of this artist, who has been the subject of some of the most successful books Abrams has published over the past half century.

Brilliantly interweaving well-known prints with numerous unpublished drawings, incredible details, the artist's eloquent words, and observations by Escher expert J. L. Locher, this fresh presentation-which includes 10 dynamic full-color gatefolds-reveals Escher's tireless quest for new visual concepts of space and time. Here at last is a book that does justice to Escher's invention, which is, if anything, increasingly relevant in today's sophisticated world of 3-D computer graphics.

Visions of Symmetry : Notebooks, Periodic Drawings, and Related Work of M.C. Escher
(Doris Schattschneider )


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