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Hieronymus van Aken (Bosch)
Suggested Reading

Bosch: Master of the Grotesque--His Life in Paintings
(Hieronymus Bosch, Alessia Devitini Dufour, Alessia Devitini Dufour )
This volume, one in a series of lavishly illustrated paperback books on major artists and their works, tells the story of Bosch. From a look at the artist's life and times, to the historical and social context in which he worked, to an analysis of his masterpieces, this is a vital visual resource with more than 300 superb full-color illustrations. The fact-based text is aimed at the general reader, and makes the series perfect for art-history students and art lovers of all ages.

Hieronymus Bosch
(Carl Linfert, Hieronymus Bosch)
Masters of Art series

Hieronymus Bosch : The Complete Paintings and Drawings
(Hieronymus Bosch, Paul Vandenbroeck, Bernard Vermet, jos Koldeweij )
Bosch's panoramic, otherworldly paintings writhe with legions of strange creatures doing strange things, dense and troubling scenes that require the sort of sharp-focus plates and enlargements this scholarly but crisply written and enlightening monograph, now the Bosch book, has in abundance. Koldeweij and his coauthors cite all that isn't known about the enigmatic Bosch, including his birth date, dates for his paintings, or proof that all works attributed to him are actually his.

Hieronymus Bosch and Lucas Cranach
(by D. Bax )


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