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Frederic Remington
Suggested Reading

Frederic Remington & Turn-Of-The-Century America
(Yale Publications in the History of Art; Alexander Nemerov)
Drawing on the methods of literary theory, psychoanalysis and material cultural studies, this text treats Remington's paintings and sculptures not as illustrations of the frontier experience but as complex imaginative inventions. It argues that his politics and aesthetics are intrinsically related.

This engrossing book will change perceptions of Frederic Remington, an immensely popular American artist who has rarely been treated seriously by critics. Drawing on methods of art history, literary theory, psychoanalysis, and material culture studies, Nemerov shows that Remington`s paintings are not mere illustrations of the frontier experience but are complex, imaginative inventions.

Frederic Remington : 173 Drawings and Illustrations
Superb drawings and illustrations of the American frontier in its last phase, all beautifully reproduced on coated stock. Indians, cavalrymen, cattle, buffalo, cowboys, gold seekers, gamblers and many others. Four color illustrations on covers.

Frederic Remington : The Color of Night
(Nancy Anderson, Alexander Nemerov, William Sharpe)
In the decade preceding his untimely death, Frederic Remington (1861-1909) produced a series of paintings that took as their subject the color of night. This richly illustrated volume is the first to present all of these works--some seventy paintings that secured for Remington the critical acclaim he so coveted. Indeed, these magnificent nocturnes marked an important new direction for the celebrated illustrator, writer, and sculptor of America's vanishing frontier.

Frederic Remington: The Color of Night, accompanying the first exhibition devoted to the nocturnes, includes three insightful essays discussing Remington's nocturnes within the literary, historical, aesthetic, and technological context of his time. The nocturnes do much more than document a night that was rapidly disappearing under bright, newly installed electric lights. They also reveal how this son of a Civil War hero moved from burnishing Theodore Roosevelt's rough riding heroics in Cuba to exploring, like Stephen Crane and Ernest Hemingway, his own soul-searing war experience, and, like Joseph Conrad, to probing America's own heart of darkness.

As the definitive resource on Remington's nocturnes, this volume pairs large reproductions of these stunning paintings--including newly conserved works and others not seen publicly since the artist's death--with commentary from his personal diaries and letters and from contemporary critics.

Frederic Remington Art Museum Collection
(Brian W. Dippie)
Few American artists are as enduringly popular as Frederic Remington (1861-1909). His bronzes and paintings of the American West have become iconic images, shaping the way Americans view the history of the West. This generously illustrated volume is the first to examine the exceptional collection of his works housed at the Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, New York.

In his richly detailed portrait of the artist, Western art scholar Brian W. Dippie traces Remington’s life and artistic development. Drawing extensively on Remington’s letters, diaries, and other archival materials, Dippie explores some 100 of the most important works in the collection in the context of prevailing social, cultural, and political attitudes—including the ethnic and racial stereotypes for which Remington’s work is sometimes criticized today. An important addition to the Remington literature, this handsome volume highlights Remington’s impressive range and underscores his achievements as an illustrator, sculptor, and painter.

Frederic Remington: The Writer
(Roscoe L. Buckland)
Twayne's United States Authors Series, Tusas 716


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