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Gustave Doré
Suggested Reading

A Christmas Carol : With 45 Lost Gustave Dore Engravings
(Charles Dickens (Author), Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
This profusely illustrated edition of Dickens's yuletide ghost story features 45 engravings by Gustave Dore, who was the first artist to illustrate Tiny Tim and the Cratchit family. This additionally sports 130 other Victorian illustrations.

Dore's Illustrations for "Paradise Lost"
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
This volume presents superb royalty-free reproductions of all 50 plates Doré created for a 19th-century edition of "Paradise Lost." Among the events depicted: the expulsion of Satan from Heaven, Adam and Eve in Paradise, the nine-day fall of Lucifer's legions to Hell, the Creation, the temptation of Eve and the Flood.

Dore's Illustrations for Don Quixote
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
Doré's sympathy to Cervantes' satire was so complete that, of numerous interpretations by many artists, his has become standard. Here are 190 wood-engraved plates, 120 full-page: charging the windmill, traversing Spanish plains, valleys, mountains, ghostly visions of dragons, knights, flaming lake. Marvelous detail, minutiae, accurate costumes, architecture, enchantment, pathos, humor. Captions.

Dore's Illustrations for the Fables of La Fontaine
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
At the height of his powers, Doré produced these magnificent illustrations for La Fontaine's Fables. This volume includes all 84 full-page plates plus a selection of 39 vignettes from a rare, early edition and depicts, among others, scenes from "The Wolf and the Lamb," "Tircis and Amarante," and "Ulysses' Companions."

Dore's Illustrations of the Crusades
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
Magnificent compilation of all 100 original plates from Michaud's classic History of the Crusades. Includes The War Cry of the Crusaders, The Massacre of Antioch, The Road to Jerusalem, The Baptism of Infidels, The Battle of Lepanto, and many more. Powerful, striking royalty-free illustrations. Captions.

Dore's London: All 180 Illustrations from London, A Pilgrimage
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
Complete collection of drawings from the 1872 classic by France's most celebrated graphic. Included are amazingly perceptive sketches of workaday London, busy marketplaces, the Christy Minstrels, thieves gambling, the Devil's Acre in Westminster, flower girls, waifs and strays, a wedding at the Abbey, prisoners in the Newgate exercise yard, and many other scenes.

Dore's Spain: All 236 Illustrations from Spain
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
From one of the most popular — and most prolific — illustrators of all time, 236 powerful drawings created by the artist during his trip to Spain in the 1870s. Includes a haunting view of Barcelona’s prison of the Inquisition, dynamic portraits of the huddled poor, soaring interiors of cathedrals, and fiery Spanish dancers.

Fantasy and Faith: The Art of Gustave Dore
(Robert Rosenblum (Contributor), Lisa Small (Contributor), Eric Zafran (Editor))
Gustave Doré (1832–1883) is best known as one of the finest book illustrators of the nineteenth century, but he was also a painter and sculptor of international repute. His illustrated Bible, first published in 1865, has appeared in over 700 editions and in its day was the most successful book in the world. Mentioned by Mark Twain, it has influenced a wide range of popular imagery from the films of Cecil B. DeMille to the illustrations of Edward Gorey. Religious subjects also feature in Doré’s large-scale paintings as well as political commentaries on events of his time, genre scenes, and dramatic landscapes that were especially popular with noted American collectors. This beautifully illustrated book situates Doré in the context of French nineteenth-century art, focuses on his major works, and assesses his impact on North American collectors and museums.

Perrault's Fairy Tales
(Charles Perrault (Author), Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
Original versions of "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Little Red Riding Hood," and more. With 34 magnificent illustrations by Gustave Doré.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
(Rudolf Erich Raspe (Author), Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
Baron Munchausen's astounding feats included riding cannonballs, traveling to the Moon, and pulling himself out of a bog by his own hair. The Baron's definitive visual image belongs to Gustave Doré, the artist famed for his engravings of scenes from the Divine Comedy, Don Quixote, and other literary classics. 160 black-and-white illustrations.

The Dore Bible Illustrations
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
241 detailed plates from the Bible: the Creation scenes, Adam and Eve, horrifying visions of the Flood, the battle sequences with their monumental crowds, depictions of the life of Jesus and visions of the new Jerusalem. Each plate is accompanied by the appropriate verses from the King James version of the Bible.

The Dore Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy
(Gustave Dore (Illustrator))
135 fantastic and grotesque scenes depict the passion and grandeur of one of Dante's most highly regarded works — from the depths of hell onto the mountain of purgatory and up to the empyrean realms of paradise. Includes plates produced for The Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise. Illustrations accompanied by appropriate lines from the Longfellow translation.

The Raven (Paperback)
All 27 of Doré's detailed, masterly engravings from a rare 19th-century edition of The Raven, among the most popular American poems ever written. Dreamlike, otherworldly illustrations perfectly capture the bleak despair and mournful musings of Poe's poem. Apposite quotations from the poem are printed on facing pages; complete text is also included.


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