- Piet Cornelis Mondrian
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Piet Cornelis Mondrian

"Design and form in themselves create the reality in which universal harmony may be visually expressed."

"The position of the artist if humble. He is essentially a channel."
"Design and form in themselves create the reality in which universal harmony may be visually expressed."
"The expression of reality cannot be the same as reality."
"It seems to me that clarity of thought should be accompanied by clarity of technique."
"There are two paths leading to the Spiritual; the path of learning, of direct exercises (meditation, etc.) and the slow certain path of evolution. The latter manifests itself in art. One may observe in art the slow growth towards the Spiritual, while those who produce it remain unaware of this. The conscious path of learning usually leads to the corruption of art. Should these two paths coincide, that is to say that the creator has reached the stage of evolution where conscious, spiritual, direct activity is possible, then one has attained the ideal art."
"One passes through a world of forms ascending from reality to abstraction. In this manner one approaches Spirit, or purity itself."
"For the artist the search for a unified expression through the balance of two opposites has been, and always will be, a continual struggle."
"Both science and art are discovering and making us aware of the fact that time is a process of intensification, an evolution from the individual toward the universal, of the subjective toward the objective; toward the essence of things and of ourselves."
"The pioneers create through their reaction to external stimuli. They are guided not by the mass but by that which they see and feel. They discover consciously or unconsciously the fundamental laws hidden in reality, and aim at realizing them. In this way they further human development. They know that humanity is not served by making art comprehensible to everybody; to try this is to attempt the impossible. One serves mankind by enlightening it. Those who do not see will rebel, they will try to understand and will end up by 'seeing'. In art the search for a conten which is collectively understandable is false; the content will always be individual."
"In art, content and form have alternately been overemphasized or neglected because their inseparable unity has not been clearly realized. To create this unity in art balance of the one and the other must be created. Real life is the mutual interaction of two oppositions of the same value but of a different aspect and nature. Its plastic expression is universal beauty."
"Art shows also that in the course of progress, intuition becomes more and more conscious and instinct more and more purified."
"The culture of determined relations has begun."
"True art like true life takes a single road."
"The straight line is a stronger and more profound expression than the curve."
"To love things in reality is to love them profoundly; it is to see them as a microcosmos in the macrocosmos. Only in this way can one achieve a universal expression of reality."
"If the form is without content, without universal thought, it is the fault of the artist."
"The less obvious the artist's hand the more objective will the work be."
"The execution is of the greatest importance in the work of art; it is through this, in large part, that intuition manifests itself and creates the essence ot the work."
"The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel."
"In art the search for a content which is collectively understandable is false; the content will always be individual."
"Every true artist has been inspired more by the beauty of lines and color and the relationships between them than by the concrete subject of the picture. "

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