- The Fiery Dynamism of Eugène Delacroix [Selected Works]
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Eugène Delacroix
Selected Works

"You must have complete freedom of imagination when you are painting a picture. The living model, compared with the figure which you have created and harmonized with the rest of the composition, is apt to confuse you and to introduce a foreign element into the ensemble of the picture."
- Excerpt from Delacroix's journal, 26 April 1852

Selected Works

Attila the Hun (c.406-453) and his hordes overrunning Italy and the Arts
Bouquet of Flowers
Christ on the Cross
Christ on the Lake of Gennezaret
Christ on the Lake of Gennezaret (sketch)
Cleopatra and the Peasant
Combat of the Giaour and the Pasha
Dante and Virgil in Hell
Death of Sardanapalus
Fan with Caricatures
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