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Themes in Art


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A Tale from Decameron (John William Waterhouse)
A Tale from Homer (Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema)
Alice in Wonderland (Arthur Rackham)
Blackbeard's Ghost (Frank E. Schoonover)
Claudio and Isabella (William Holman Hunt)
Dante and Virgil in Hell (Eugène Delacroix)
David Copperfield (Jessie Willcox Smith)
Gulliver (Arthur Rackham)
I am Half Sick of Shadows (John William Waterhouse)
In Knighthood's Day (Howard Pyle)
Isabella (Sir John Everett Millais)
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Frank Cadogan Cowper)
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Walter Crane)
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee)
La Pia de'Tolomei (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Mariana (Sir John Everett Millais)
Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy (Jessie Willcox Smith)
Peter Pan (Arthur Rackham)
Poetry of America (Salvador Dali)
Predella, The Blessed Damozel (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
Proud Masie (Anthony Frederick Sandys)
Reading from Molière (Jean-François de Troy)
Rip van Winkle (Arthur Rackham)
Robin Hood (Newell Convers Wyeth)
Sleeping Beauty (Frederick Maxfield Parrish)
Superman (Andy Warhol)
Tale à la Hoffmann (Paul Klee)
The Blessed Damozel (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
The Coiffing (Aubrey Beardsley)
The Entombment of Atala (Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson)
The Fruit Bearers (Aubrey Beardsley)
The Knave (Frederick Maxfield Parrish)
The Lady of Shalott (William Holman Hunt)
The Lady of Shalott (John William Waterhouse)
The Peacock Skirt (Aubrey Beardsley)
The Pirate was a Picturesque Fellow (Howard Pyle)
The Sleeping Beauty (Jessie Willcox Smith)
Theatrical Scene (Pietro Longhi)
Tom Hayley as Robin Goodfellow (George Romney)

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