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Themes in Art


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Topics in Art

General Interest Articles

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Isabel Bishop
Art Restoration
What is Art?
An Antique Artform?
Painting Styles
Graffiti Art
Why Artists Paint
Spousal Support for Artists
The Two Sides
It's in the Genes
The Bridge
The Art Capital of the Western World
Looted Art
Living in an Art Gallery
If I Had a Billion Dollars
The First Art Historian
The Pleasure Gardens
Vernacular Art
Famous Fakers
The Name Game
The Ten Greatest Paintings of the Millennium
Honorable Mention
Surprise, Surprise!
Artists' Signatures
The Art Market Crash
The Painting Machine
Easy Art
The Future of Painting
Who is an Artist?
Art Survey
The Familiar Versus the New
The Value of Artwork
Discovering Masterpieces
The Stylistic Spectrum
Hockney's Theory--a Rebuttal
Diagnosing Dead Artists
Stolen Art
Art for Art's Sake (revisited)
The "Goodoledays" of Art
Hot Art
Becoming a Famous Artist
Top Ten Questions Asked of Artists
Art Forgery
Earning a Living as an Artist
The Image of an Artist
Zapruder's Copyright
Interior Decorating
Top Ten Artists
A State of Flux