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Abraham Lincoln
Related Materials

Written Works
Matthew B. Brady
Presidential Portraits
Constantino Brumidi
Abraham Lincoln [Freethinker]
President Lincoln
Chapter XLII - The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Chapter XLIII - The Eve of the Civil War
In Virgilium. Pentadii
The Arts
President Abraham Lincoln
Territorial Growth 1810
Exploration and Settlement 1800-1820
Territorial Growth 1820
Territorial Growth 1830
Exploration and Settlement 1820-1835
Territorial Growth 1840
Westward Expansion 1815-1845
Exploration and Settlement 1835-1850
Territorial Growth 1850
Territorial Growth 1860
Exploration and Settlement 1850-1890
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Abraham Lincoln
The lawyer Abraham Lincoln, 1858
President Lincoln meets with General McClellan at Antietam, 1862
Photograph of Abraham Lincoln, 1860
Lincoln and Son, Tad
First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln, 1861
Casting of a life mask of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln Tomb
Lincoln delivering his inaugural address, 1865
Lincoln-Hamlin ferrotype campaign badge
Abraham Lincoln reading the Bible with abolitionist Sojourner Truth
The Lincoln Memorial
Mount Rushmore
Abraham Lincoln Campaign Poster 1860
1864 Campaign Badges
Lincoln portrait campaign flag 1860
Lincoln portrait campaign flag 1864
Lincoln-Johnson 1864 Ferrotype Campaign Badge
John Wilkes Booth
Wanted poster - John Wilkes Booth
President Lincoln's funeral procession on Pennsylvania Avenue