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Ulysses S. Grant
Related Materials

Written Works
Ulysses S. Grant [Freethinker]
Great Captains of the War
Chapter XLVII - Reconstruction III: The Union Restored; Carpetbaggers and Federal Troops
Territorial Growth 1830
Exploration and Settlement 1820-1835
Territorial Growth 1840
Westward Expansion 1815-1845
Exploration and Settlement 1835-1850
Territorial Growth 1850
Territorial Growth 1860
Territorial Growth 1870
Territorial Growth 1880
Exploration and Settlement 1850-1890
1860-1890 - The Trans-Mississippi West Some Posts, Tribes, and Battles of the Indian Wars
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U.S. Grant
U.S. Grant
The birth house of President U.S. Grant
Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
Grant family, c.1865
Death mask
The Grant Songster: A Collection of Campaign Songs
Bust of General Ulysses S. Grant
Grant's tomb
General Grant's Grand March
U.S. Grant Memorial Scene
U.S. Grant's Challenge, 1876 Illustration
General Grantís Illness: A Consultation.
Grant-Colfax Campaign Jugate Ferro
Inauguration of President U.S. Grant
Grant-Colfax Campaign Poster
Grant-Wilson Campaign Banner, 1868
1868 presidential campaign cartoon
Grant Colfax Campaign Banner
The First Inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant