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Charles I
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Charles I
Related Materials

Written Works
Artemisia Gentileschi
Anthony van Dyck - Spin Doctor for the King
Rulers' Portraits
Anthony van Dyck
The Classical Past
The Cavaliers
Richard Lovelace
The House of Stuart
The Charter of Maryland
The Solemn League And Covenant
The Petition of Right
National Covenent
The Death Warrant of Charles I
The Charge against the King
The Propositions presented to the King at the Treaty of Oxford
The King's Answer to the Petition accompanying the Grand Remonstrance
The King's Proclamation on Religion
The Grand Remonstrance, with the Petition accompanying it
The Act for the Abolition of the Court of High Commission
The Act for the Abolition of the Court of Star Chamber
The Triennial Act
The King's Declaration prefixed to the Articles of Religion
Chapter II. Prince Charles's Mother.
Chapter III. Queen Henrietta's Flight.
Chapter IV. Escape Of The Children.
The Arts
Charles I at the Hunt
London 1200-1600
Descriptio Anglia. 1602
England & Wales, 1485-1603
Anglia Regnum. 1603
Insularum Britannicarum. 1624
Anglia. 1630
England & Wales - May 1st 1643
England & Wales - December 9th 1643
England & Wales - November 23rd 1644
Insularum Britannicarum...1649
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Charles I
The Martyrdom of Charles I
Charles I: King of England at the Hunt
Charles I, King of England, from Three Angles
Equestrian portrait of Charles I with Seignior de St. Antoine
Charles I's decapitation
Memorial to Charles I
Equestrian Portrait of Charles I, King of England
Charles I
Twenty-shillings piece of King Charles I
Charles I of England and Henrietta of France
Charles I on Horseback
The Union of England and Scotland (Charles I as the Prince of Wales)
Charles I
Charles I