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Woodrow Wilson
Why We Are At War

Messages to the Congress January to April, 1917 by Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, with the Presidentís proclamation of war April 6, 1917 and his message to the American people April 15, 1917.

Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London. Published May, 1917


This book presents in convenient form the memorable messages to the Congress read by President Wilson in January, February, and April, 1917. They should be read together, for only in this way is it possible to appreciate both the forbearance and the logic of events reflected in these consecutive chapters of history. While the great war message of April 2d is obviously the most momentous, its full significance is not made clear unless it is read as the climax of the preceding messages and also in connection with the Presidentís proclamation of a state of war on April 6th and his message to the American people of April 15th. While the approval of President Wilson was very naturally requested and obtained for the publication of these messages in collected form, the Publishers are responsible for the title and for captions. They have felt that they are rendering a service of permanent value by collecting and presenting these historic documents in the same form in which they have published President Wilsonís When a Man Comes to Himself, On Being Human, and The President of the United States.

A World League For Peace
The Severance Of Diplomatic Relations With Germany
Request For A Grant Of Power
We Must Accept War
A State Of War
"Speak, Act, And Serve Together"

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