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Edward (the Confessor)
Suggested Reading

God's Peace and King's Peace: The Laws of Edward the Confessor
(Bruce R. O'Brien)
Middle Ages Series

The Life of Saint Edward, King and Confessor
(Aelred, Jerome Bertram (Translator))
When Henry II came to the throne of England, he was hailed as the one who brought to an end the divisions caused by the Norman conquest, for both the Saxon and Norman royal lines met in him. To promote this newfound unity, the cult of King Edward the Confessor was promoted, culminating in his canonization in 1161. Shortly afterwards, on October 13, 1163, the new saint's body was solemnly enshrined in Westminster Abbey. On this occasion the honor of preparing the sermon was given to Aelred, the revered Abbot of Rievaulx. On the same occasion, Aelred undertook to write the life of St. Edward, and this is the text now first presented in English.

Witenagemot in the Reign of Edward the Confessor
(Tryggvi J. Oleson)
A Study in the Constitutional History of Eleventh Century England

Yale English Monarchs - Edward the Confessor
(Frank Barlow, J.J. Scarisbrick (Editor))


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