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Edward II of Carnarvon
Suggested Reading

Edward II
(Christopher Marlowe)
This play in five acts or twenty-five scenes, written by Christopher Marlowe (1564 to 1593, born the same year as Shakespeare) is a history play that chronicles the reign of Edward the Second. The actual name that Marlowe gave his play was "The troublesome reign and lamentable death of Edward, the second King of England, with the tragical fall of Mortimer." (Mortimer is Edward's nemesis in the play.) The precise date of this play is not accurately known, but it is generally thought to have been written circa 1590.

England Under Edward I and II: 1259-1327
(Sandra Raban)
This book covers the reigns of Edward I and Edward II, a time of turbulence among the leaders of society, important developments in the law and constitution alongside extreme suffering among the peasantry. The author examines the key events and institutions of the period, explaining how we know about them and reviewing important debates among historians. Building outwards from the land and its inhabitants, to government, politics, and the formative role of the church, Sandra Raban makes comparisons with the wider world, as well as exploring broader aspects of culture. Highlighting the extraordinary contrasts which were a feature of Britain during this period, the book makes use of a wealth of artistic material to capture the atmosphere of late-thirteenth- and early-fourteenth-century England in all its colour and diversity.

The Four Gothic Kings: The Turbulent History of Medieval England and the Plantagenet Kings
(Elizabeth Hallam (Editor))

The Political Songs of England, from the Reign of John to That of Edward II
(Edited by Thomas Wright)
This Elibron Classics book is a facsimile reprint of a 1839 edition by the Camden Society, London.

The Three Edwards
(Thomas B. Costain)
THE THREE EDWARDS, third in Thomas B. Costain's survey of Britain under the Plantagenets, covers the years between 1272 and 1377 when three Edwards ruled England. Edward I brought England out of the Middle Ages. Edward II had a tragic reign but gave his country Edward III, who ruled gloriously, if violently.

The Three Edwards: War and State in England
(M. Prestwich)
An excellent introduction to an eventful period of history., this spirited work analyzes the three Kings of very different qualities and reputations: the confident and masterful Edward I who conquered Wales; Edward II who was defeated by the Scots in battle and was humiliated and deposed; and Edward III whose reign saw great triumphs against the French, but also the ravages of plague. Michael Prestwich combines lively anecdotes and colorful assessments of each of these Kings' characters. The second edition of this highly acclaimed book updates the story throughout. A great deal of research on this period of history has been undertaken since 1980 when the first edition was published, a great deal of it by the author himself. This new edition presents new and improved maps to help visualize the campaigns and adds a revised guide to further reading.


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