- Letter to General Sir Henry Clinton by Benedict Arnold
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Letter to General Sir Henry Clinton

by Benedict Arnold

["Sir Henry" in the following text refers to General Sir Henry Clinton, commander-in-chief of British forces in the colonies.]

July 15, 1780 -- Benedict Arnold to John André (Decoded)

Inclosed in a cover addressed to M[r.] Anderson
Two days since I received a letter without date or Signature,
informing me that S[ir]. Henry ------ was obliged to me for intelligence
communicated, and that he placed a full confidence in the Sincerity
of my intentions, etc. etc. On the 13th Instant I addressed a letter
to you expressing my Sentiments and expectations, viz, that
the following Preliminaries be settled previous to cooperating. -
First, that S[ir]. Henry secure to me my property, valued at ten thou-
sand pounds Sterling, to be paid to me or my Heirs in case of
Loss; and, as soon as that happens [strike out] shall happen, __ hundred
pounds per annum to be secured to me for life, in lieu of the
pay and emoluments I give up, for my Services as they shall
deserve - If I point out a plan of cooperation by which S[ir}. H[enry].
shall possess himself of West Point, the Garrison, etc. etc. etc. twenty
thousand pounds Sterling I think will be a cheap purchase for
an object of so much importance. At the same time I request
thousand pounds to be paid my Agent - I expect a full
and explicit answer - The 20th I set off for West Point. A
personal interview with an officer that you can confide in
is absolutely necessary to plan matters. In the mean time
I shall communicate to our mutual Friend S[tansbur]y all the
intelligence in my power, until I have the pleasure of your answer.
July 15th [1780]
To the line of my letter of the 13th
I did not add seven.

[ N.B. the postscript only relates to the manner of composing the Cypher in the letter]

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