- Hernán Cortés - Conqueror of Mexico [Quotations]
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Hernán Cortés

"I said everything to them I could to divert them from their idolatries, and draw them to a knowledge of God our Lord. "
"When I saw the discord and animosity between these two peoples I was not a little pleased, for it seemed to further my purpose considerably; consequently I might have the opportunity of subduing them more quickly, for as the saying goes, "divided they fall"...And I remember that one of the Gospels says, "Omne regnum...." So I maneuvered one against the other and thanked each side for their warnings and told each that I held his friendship to be of more worth than the other's."
"He travels safest in the dark night who travels lightest. "
"It seems most credible that our Lord God has purposefully allowed these lands to be discovered, so that Your Majesties may be fruitful and deserving in His sight by causing these barbaric tribes to be enlightened and brought to the faith by Your hand."
"We have an illness only gold will cure."
- Referring to the Spanish people

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