- Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today. "

Assassinations That Changed The World
(History Channel)
They are the tragic stories at the heart of some of history's defining moments. They are tales of hatred and obsession, fanaticism and a burning desire to achieve fame at the cost of another's life. Take a fascinating journey through history to examine the famous assassinations and attempts that have left their mark on the world. Trace the incredible events following the murder of Archduke Ferdinand, which led to the outbreak of World War I. See how India has lost three leaders in a century including Mohandas Gandhi to religious fanatics who disagreed with the political policies of the nation. Explore the tragic story of Abraham Lincoln, killed by a desperate adherent to a lost cause. And consider how history might have been different had some of these incidents ended differently where would the Civil Rights movement be today if Martin Luther King were still alive? With extensive interviews, archival footage and expert commentary, the absorbing stories of the ASSASSINATIONS THAT HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD come to life.


FDR - A Presidency Revealed
(History Channel DVD 200 minutes)
For twelve years he stood as America's 32nd President, a man who overcame the ravages of polio to pull America through the Great Depression and WWII. From his legendary Fireside Chats to his sweeping New Deal, Franklin Delano Roosevelt revolutionized the American way of life. FDR: A PRESIDENCY REVEALED examines one of history's most compelling figures. Inspired by his cousin Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt rose to the nation's highest office during the depths of one of its darkest periods. A man of few words, he brought a nation together through his revolutionary Fireside Chats. He introduced vast reforms like Social Security and work relief for the unemployed. At the same time, his administration hid a dark underbelly teeming with covert maneuvers, spy rings, and powerful enemies.

In Search Of History: The Plot To Overthrow FDR
(History Channel DVD)
A cabal of financiers and industrialists, alarmed by FDR's economic policies in the Depression, plotted to create a fascist state. Their choice of retired Marine General Smedley Butler to lead an army of disgruntled WWI vets proved their undoing. When Smedley learned details of the conspiracy, he reported the lot to Congress.


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