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Spanish-American War
(1898 - 1898)

18989 February - The New York Journal publishes Spanish Minister Enrique Dupuy de Lóme's letter criticizing President McKinley
189816 February - Battleship U.S.S. Maine Explodes; Spain recalls de Lóme
189825 February - Roosevelt orders Commodore Dewey to prepare for war in the Philippines
18986 March - Spain requests (unofficially) that Consul-General Lee be recalled
189817 March - Senator Proctor, influencing Congress and U.S. business community to push for war with Spain
189829 March - McKinley sends note to Spain demanding an end to war in Cuba
189831 March - Spain turns down demands for Cuban independence
18987 April - Ambassadors of England, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Russia appeal to McKinley for peace
18989 April - Spain orders General Blanco to declare armistice in Cuba
189811 April - MicKinley asks Congress for authorisation to use force to intervene in Cuba
189816 April - Teller Amendment passes in U.S. Congress, stating that the U.S. will not annex Cuba.
189819 April - Congress adopts a resolution recognising Cuba's independence and approving the use of troops against Spain
189821 April - Spain breaks off diplomatic relations with the US; Spanish forces in Santiago de Cuba mine Guantánamo Bay
189822 April - Blockade of Cuba commences by US Navy; first Spanish ship taken
189823 April - Spain declares war
189825 April - Congress declares war retroactive to 22 April
189827 April - Commodore Dewey's squadron leaves Mirs Bay, China for the Philippines
189829 April - Calixto Garcia takes Bayamo, abandoned by the Spanish, as headquarters
189830 April - Admiral Cervera's Spanish squadron leaves the Cape Verde Islands for the Caribbean; The Spanish Governor General Blanco orders hostilities resumed with the Cuban insurrectionists
18981 May - Commodore Dewey's victory in Manila Bay
18984 May - A joint resolution is introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives, with the support of President William McKinley, calling for the annexation of Hawaii
189811 May - The Winslow attacks Cardenas, resulting in the death of the only U.S. naval officer to die in the war; Cervera's squadron appears off Martinique
189812 May - Admiral Sampson bombards San Juan, Puerto Rico
189813 May - Commodore Schley's "Flying Squadron" leaves Hampton Roads for the vicinity of Cuba
189815 May - Theodore Roosevelt resigns as Ass. Sec. of the Navy, begins training with Rough Riders
189817 May - Cervera's squadron arrives in Santiago, Cuba
189818 May - Prime Minister Sagasta forms the new Spanish cabinet; McKinley orders occupation of the Philippine Islands
189824 May - Emilio Aguinaldo establishes himself as dictator, replacing the revolutionary government
189825 May - First U.S. troops are sent from San Francisco to the Philippine Islands.
189829 May - US Navy blockades Spanish fleet in Santiago harbor
189831 May - Schley and the blockading squadron skirmish with Cristobal Colon and the forts at Santiago
18983 June - Hobson sinks the Merrimac at the entrance to Santiago harbour
189810 June - US Marines land at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba
189812 June - Philippines proclaim independence
189815 June - Spanish squadron leaves Spain for the Philippines
1898June 20 - Lieutenant General Calixto García and Admiral Sampson and General Shafter meet in EL Asseradero to coordinate US landings; Cruiser Charleston captures Island of Guam
189822 June - Cuban forces under Gonzalez Clavel take Daiquiri, U.S forces under General Lawton begin to land; US ships accidentally shell Cuban forces on shore
189824 June - Battle of Las Guasimas
18981 July - Battle of El Caney;victory in San Juan Heights
18983 July - Battle of Santiago
18984 July - The "Harvard Incident" : six Spanish prisoners are killed aboard Auxiliary Cruiser Harvard
18988 July - Annexation of Hawaiian Islands
189817 July - Spanish surrender Santiago
189825 July - US Army invades Puerto Rico
189826 July - Spanish ask for terms of peace through the French ambassador
189831 July - Night attack by the Spanish on the American lines at Manila, P.I.
18989 August - Battle of Coamo (Puerto Rico) results in U.S. victory; Spain accepts McKinley's terms of peace
189811 August - American Troops enter Mayaguez (Puerto Rico's third largest city)
189812 August - Peace protocol is signed (truce)
189813 August - US Forces take Manila with a minor fight
1898December - Annexation of the Philippines
189810 December - Treaty of Paris signed, Spain recognises the independence of Cuba; cedes Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippine Islands to the US
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