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Creek War
(1813 - 1814)

181127 July - Tecumseh visits Governor Harrison and protests against the treaties made with single tribes of Indians; he claims that one tribe cannot sell lands belonging to all the tribes in common
1811 August,1811 thru Spring,1812 - Tecumseh visits the southern tribes, inviting them to join the Indian Confederacy
18117 November - Battle of Tippecannoe
181218 June - War declared between the United States and Great Britain, Tecumseh enters on the side of the British
1813July - Creek Civil War begins at Coosa
1813July - Construction of Fort Mims begins
181327 July - Battle of Burnt Corn
1813August - Choctaw and Chickasaw join American forces
181330 August - Fort Mims Massacre
181331 August - Attack on Fort Sinquefield
18131 September - Kimbell-James Massacre
1813October - Jackson establishes Fort Deposit, a supply base
1813Early October - Banshi Skirmish
1813October - Construction of Fort Strother on the Coosa River begins
18133 November - The Battle of Tallaseehatchee
18139 November - The Battle of Talladega
181312 November - The Canoe Battle
181318 November - Hillabee Massacre
181329 November - Battle of Autosee
1813December - "Mutiny" of Jackson’s army, many volunteers go home
181323 December - Battle of Holy Ground
1814January - Jackson receives two regiments of new recruits at Fort Strother
181422 January - Battle of Emuckfau Creek
181424 January - Battle of Enitachopco
181426 January - Battle of Caleebee Creek
1814February - Jackson dismisses most of his army, amasses an army of 5,000 new enlistments by mid-March
1814March - Jackson establishes Fort Williams
181427 March - Battle of Tohopeka (Horseshoe Bend)
18141 August - Creek Chiefs meet at Fort Jackson to negotiate end of Red Stick War
18149 August - Creeks sign treaty at Fort Jackson ceding 23 million acres to the United States government
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