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Pequot War
(1636 - 1638)

163318 June - Dutch sign treaty with Pequots, establishing a trading house at present-day Hartford, to be made accessible to all Natives
1634Early in year - Some Narragansetts traveling to the trading house are slain by Pequots, the Dutch capture Tatobem (the Pequot Sachem) and hold him for ransom. When the ransom is paid, the Dutch deliver his dead body
1634Spring - Captain John Stone, West Indian trader and pirate, is killed by western Niantics
163423 October - Pequots initiate peace negotiations with Roger Ludlow (deputy governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony), the Bay Colony responds with demands for exhorbinant tribute and the surrender of the killers
16347 November - Second Pequot embassy results in a treaty that the Pequot council does not ratify
163616 June - Jonathan Brewster, trader from Plymouth, conveys message from Uncas, chief of the Mohegans, that the Pequots plan a preemptive strike against the English
1636July - Conference at Fort Saybrook of Connecticut and Massachusetts Bay officials with representatives of Western Niantics and Pequots: English colonists reassert demands of 1634 treaty
163620 July - John Oldham and crew killed by Narragansetts or a subject tribe off Block Island
163624 August - Captains John Endecott, John Underhill, and William Turner sent with 90 men to apprehend killers of Stone and Oldham and to sack Block Island
1636Autumn - Fort Saybrook is surrounded by Pequot and Niantic warriors who kill anyone trying to leave, siege continues intermittently for months
1637March - Pequots attempt to persuade Narragansetts to ally with them against the English, Miantonomo allies Narragansetts with the English
1637April - Two hundred warriors attack Wethersfield on April 12th and kill nine colonists
163718 April - Massachusetts General Court authorises levy to raise funds for anticipated costs of war against Pequots
163710 May - Mason leads 90 colonists and 60 Mohegans in attack on Pequot fort Sassacus
163715 May - Colonists and Mohegans arrive at Saybrook with their troops: Uncas leads 40 warriors into battle against Pequots and Niantics
163716 May - Underhill places his 19 men under Mason's command while 20 of Mason's men are sent to reinforce Connecticut's other settlements
163720 May - Mason and Underhill arrive in Narragansett territory
163722-24 May - Mason & Underhill confer with Narragansetts and Eastern Niantics (under Ninigret) who ally with the English
163725 May - English and their allies approach Sassacusís Pequot Harbor fort, they decide to attack fort at Mystic instead
163726 May - The combined forces of the English, Narragansetts and Mohegans attack the Pequot fort on Mystic River, killing all but a handful of the inhabitants
1637Late May/early June - Mason and Underhill's troops unite with Massachusetts troops led by Captain Patrick and Israel Stoughton. Group of Pequots discovered near Connecticut River is surrounded by Narragansetts who pretend to offer protection, enabling the English troops to capture them. Survivors flee, some to Manhattan Island
163715 June - Hartford declares day of prayer and thanksgiving for the "victory" at Mystic
1637July - Stoughton and Mason pursue fugitive Pequots
163713 July - English forces surround Mystic survivors in swamp near New Haven. 200 old men, women and children (as well as non-Pequot) accept safe conduct offer, but 80 warriors refuse it and fight with the English
163714 July - Several dozen Indians escape in early- morning fog
1637Summer - Sassacus and other Pequots seek refuge with neighboring tribes but are refused sanctuary, their severed heads (including the head of Sassacus) are sent to the English
163728 July - Battle at Fairfield, Connecticut (last battle of the war), Sassacus is captured and his severed head is sent to the English
163821 September - The Treaty of Hartford ends Pequot War: Surviving Pequot are divided as slaves among Indian allies and English, Pequot forbidden to inhabit former Pequot territory, and the name Pequot is to be expunged
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