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British Prime Ministers
Background - United Kingdom
Government - United Kingdom
Monarchs of Britain
Monarchs of the Early British Kingdoms and Scotland

Decrees of Hlothhere and Eadric
Decrees of ∆thelbert
Notitia Dignitatum - Partibus Occidentis
Decrees of Withred
Magna Carta
(15 June 1215)
English Bill of Rights
Roman Britain
(43 - 410)
The reshaping of the primitive culture of the British Celts - from the Claudian invasion of 43 to the early 5th century (when Rome is no longer able to hold the Empire)

Anglo-Saxon England
(410 - 1065)
Consolidation of power into 7 or 8 kingdoms - the Heptarchy, conversion of 'Angle' land by missionaries sent by Pope Gregory, and Viking invasions make this a period of great change.

Medieval Britain
(1066 - 1487)
This period begins with the Norman conquest, and the creation of a strong centralised monarchy. The Magna Carta codifies law, and feudalism is phased out with the growth of cities and the limitation of the royal prerogative under Henry III

Reformation & Restoration
(1486 - 1713)
Objections to doctrines and practices in the medieval church lead to the Reformation in the 16th century, following through to the re-establishment of the monarchy with the accession of Charles II in 1660.

The Age of Empire
(1714 - 1901)
Covering the decline of royal absolutism, the triumph of Parliament, colonial expansion, and the Industrial Revolution.

Early 20th Century
(1900 - 1952)
From Edward VII through George VI - the modernization of the monarchy and two world wars.