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Background - France
Government - France
Rulers of France - French Kings, Emperors and Presidents
Frankish Kings

League of Nations Covenant
(-500 - -58)
(-58 - 481)
The Gallic Wars bring Roman peace (Pax Romana) for 200 years, feudal society is developed partly in reaction to the barbaric invasions of the 4th century

Early Middle Ages
(481 - 887)
The Carolingian dynasty, the Capetian dynasty, 100 years war, the Crusades

Capetian France (late Middle Ages)
(887 - 1453)
(1453 - 1598)
Grand Siecle
(1598 - 1715)
A period of extravagance and power for the French monarchy, establishment of colonies, flowering of the arts

(1715 - 1804)
A series of political acts that began in 1789 by reformers in the French Government to take away the absolute power of the King and the rich landowners and form a Government elected by all the people (a Republic). The slogan of the Revolutionaries was "Liberte, Egalite, et Fraternite".

Age of Napoleon
(1804 - 1870)
Emperor Napoleon I, Reign of Louis XVIII, 100 days, Reign of Charles X, the July Revolution, the reign of Louis Philippe, Second Republic (Louis Napoleon) who became Emperor Napoleon III

The Advance of Democracy and Industrialisation
(1870 - 1914)
Franco-Prussian war, Third Republic, industrial expansion

World War I
(1914 - 1918)
Period covering WWI

Entre Guerres
(1918 - 1939)
Reconstruction, the Depression, socialism, some forty ministries and the avant garde movement.

World War II
(1939 - 1945)
Period covering the largest and deadliest war in history