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(1866 - 1876)

1866Ex Parte Milligan (the president's power to suspend the writ of habeas corpus in a time of war does not extend to creating another court system run by the military)
1866Sioux Wars on the Great Plains
1866Southern Homestead Act
1866Freedmen's Bureau renewed and Civil Rights Act passed over Johnson's veto    GO !
1866Tennessee readmitted to Union
1867Purchase of Alaska Treaty    GO !
1867Nebraska is the 37th state admitted to the Union
1867Medicine Lodge Treaty
1867The U.S. annexes the Midway Islands
1867National Grange founded
1867Reconstruction act passed over Johnson's veto    GO !
1868Burlingame Treaty
1868U.S. and China sign Burlingame - Seward Treaty (recognizing rights of their citizens to emigrate)
1868U.S. President Johnson impeached for violating Tenure-of-Office Act but acquitted by Senate    GO !
1868Fort Laramie treaty    GO !
1868Ulysses Grant elected President    GO !
1868Ten states readmitted under congressional plan over next two years
186814th Amendment    GO !
1869General Grant inaugurated as President of the U.S.    GO !
1869U.S. National Prohibition Party formed in Chicago
1869First of the Granger laws
1869Georgia and Virginia reestablish Democratic party control
1870Colorado is the 38th state admitted to the Union
1870Fifteenth Amendment ratified    GO !
1870Force acts
1870N.Carolina and Georgia reestablish Democratic control
1870Failure to annex Santo Domingo (Hispaniola)
1871Congress passed law putting an end to further treaties with Indians.
1871Congress passes law putting an end to further treaties with Indians.
1872Grant re-elected President of the U.S.    GO !
1872U.S. General Amnesty Act pardons most ex-Confederates
1873Credit Mobilier scandal
1873Congress demonetises silver
1874Alabama and Arkansas reestablish Democratic control
1875Black Hills gold rush incites Sioux War
1875Civil Rights Act
1875Mississippi reestablishes Democratic control
1875Specie Resumption Act
1875Sugar reciprocity treaty with Hawaii
1876Custer's last stand at Little Big Horn
1876S.Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida reestablish Democratic control
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Special Field Order No. 15: Forty Acres and a Mule
(16 January 1865)
Civil Rights Act of 1866
(9 April 1866)
First Reconstruction Act
(2 March 1867)
Purchase of Alaska Treaty
(30 March 1867)
Alaska Treaty
(20 June 1867)
Andrew Johnsonís Articles of Impeachment
The Trial Of Andrew Johnson
(2 March 1868)
Treaty of Fort Laramie
(29 April 1868)
14th Amendment
(9 July 1868)
Fort Laramie Treaty
(6 November 1868)
15th Amendment
(3 February 1870)


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Ambrosius Aurelianus
Religion     Henry Ward Beecher
Pius IX, Pope
Philosophy     John Fiske

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The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803
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1860-1890 - The Trans-Mississippi West Some Posts, Tribes, and Battles of the Indian Wars
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