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Growth and Reform
(1900 - 1913)

1900The Foraker Act establishes a government for Puerto Rico
1900The citizens of Hawaii receive American citizenship
1900Gold Standard Act
1900William McKinley reelected president    GO !
1901U.S. President McKinley assassinated, Theodore Roosevelt sworn in as successor    GO !
1901Supreme Court insular cases
1901Platt Amendment approved by Congress    GO !
1902Drago Doctrine
1902Filipino-American War ends    GO !
1903Big Stick Diplomacy
1903Hay-Herran Treaty
1903Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty    GO !
1903Elkins Act - eliminates use of rebates by railroads
1904Theodore Roosevelt elected president    GO !
1904Roosevelt Corollary
1904Over next two years, United States intervenes in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Cuba
1905Lochner v. New York (beginning of the "substantive due process" era)
1906Pure Food and Drug Act
1906Meat Inspection Act
1906Hepburn Act - strengthens powers of ICC
1907Oklahoma is the 46th admitted to the Union
1907Gentleman's agreement with Japan
1908Aldrich Vreeland Act
1908Root-Takahira Agreement
1908William Howard Taft elected president    GO !
1909NAACP formed
1910Mann-Elkins Act
1911United States intervenes in Nicaragua
1912Alaska receives territorial status
1912New Mexico is the 47th admitted to the Union
1912Arizona is the 48th admitted to the Union
1912Progressive party founded by T Roosevelt    GO !
1913Bill creating U.S. Federal Reserve System becomes law    GO !
1913Woodrow Wilson becomes 28th U.S. president    GO !
1913Sixteenth Amendment (income tax)    GO !
1913Underwood Tariff - effort to increase competition in industry
1913Seventeenth Amendment (direct election of senators) passed    GO !
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Annexation of the Hawaiian Islands
(7 July 1898)
The Platt Amendment
(2 March 1901)
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
(18 November 1903)
Platform of the Progressive Party
(7 August 1912)
16th Amendment
(3 February 1913)
17th Amendment
(8 April 1913)
Federal Reserve Act
(23 December 1913)
Clayton Antitrust Act
Federal Trade Commission Act

Philippine-American War
The Philippine revolution for independence after America's purchase of the colony from Spain

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Charles Ives
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Booker Taliaferro Washington
Andrew Carnegie
John Davison Rockefeller
W.E.B. DuBois
Henry Cabot Lodge
Elihu Root
John Milton Hay
William Jennings Bryan
Henry Lewis Stimson

Territorial Growth 1900
The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803
The Indians in the United States
The Cherokee Country