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Boom Times
(1920 - 1928)

192019th Amendment     GO !
1920The Harlem Renaissance
1920Esch Cummins Act
1920Volstead Act
1920U.S. Dept. of Justice "red hunt" nets thousands of radicals; aliens deported
1920Sacco and Vanzetti arrested
1921Major treaties signed at Washington Disarmament Conference limit naval tonnage and pledge to respect territorial integrity of China
1921Immigration Quota Law
1921Disarmament Conference
192125 August - The United States, which never ratified the Versailles Treaty ending World War I, finally signs a peace treaty with Germany and Austria
1922Fordney-McCumber tariff
1922Fordney-McCumber Tariff
1923Harding dies; Calvin Coolidge becomes president    GO !
1924Teapot Dome scandal
1924Coolidge reelected
1924Immigration Act Basic Law
1924All Indians declared citizens of U.S.
1925Gitlow v. New York (for present purposes, we may assume that freedom of speech and of press...are among the fundamental personal rights and liberties protected by the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment from impairment by the State)
1925Scopes trial in Dayton, Tenn.
1926U.S. marines dispatched to Nicaragua during revolt; they remain until 1933
1927National Origins Act
1927McNary-Haugen Farm Relief Bill
1927Sacco and Vanzetti executed
1928Olmstead v United States (the right to privacy and the need for a search warrant do not apply to telephone conversations)
1928Kellogg-Briand Pact, outlawing war, signed in Paris by 65 nations    GO !
1928Herbert Hoover elected president    GO !
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19th Amendment
(18 August 1920)
Kellogg-Briand Pact
(27 August 1928)


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Territorial Growth 1920
The Organization of Territories in the United States since 1803