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The New Deal
(1934 - 1938)

1934Dust Bowl begins
1934Glass-Steagal Act
1934Johnson Act
1934Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act
1934Tydings-McDuffie Act
1934Federal Housing Administration established
1934Indian Reorganization Act
1935Fair Labor Standard Act (sets minimum wage and hours)
1935Motor Carrier Act
1935Works Progress Administration established
1935Social Security Act    GO !
1935National Labor Relations Act    GO !
1935Public Utility Holding Company Act
1935Committee for Industrial Organization (CIO) formed
1935First Neutrality Act
1936Butler v. United States
1936Roosevelt reelected president
1936Second Neutrality Act
1937Attempt to expand the Supreme Court
1937Farm Security Administration established
1937National Housing Act
1937Third Neutrality Act
1938Fair Labor Standards Act
1938Wheeler Lea Act
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20th Amendment
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