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The Age of Empire
(1714 - 1901)

1714Queen Anne of England dies; succeeded by George Louis, elector of Hanover, as King George I
1715The First Jacobite uprising
1715First Parliament of George I opens
1715Jacobite rebellion in Scotland
1716Treaty of Westminster between England and the Emperor
1718Quadruple Alliance signed by France, the Empire, England, and Holland
1718England declares war on Spain
1719Ireland declared inseparable from England
1721Sir Robert Walpole becomes the first Prime Minister
1723Treaty of Charlottenburg between England and Prussia
1727George I dies, George II crowned
1729Treaty of Seville between France, Spain, and England
1731The infamous Rebecca Incident near Havanna Cuba sets the stage for the War of Jenkin's Ear
1731Treaty of Vienna between England, Holland, Spain, and the Holy Roman Emperor
1734Anglo-Russian trade agreement
1739War of Jenkins Ear begins
1740War of the Austrian Succession
1742Peace of Berlin ends First Silesian War
1744King George's War (ends 1748) American phase of the War of the Austrian Succession    GO !
1744France declares war on England and on Maria Theresa
1744Second Silesian War begins
1745Jacobite Rebellion
174818 October - Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ends King George's War, restoring the status quo ante in the colonies; general recognition of Pragmatic Sanction and of Francis I as Holy Roman Emperor
1749Consolidation Act of British navy
1754The Seven Years (French and Indian) War unofficially begins
1755The French and Indian War officially begins in America    GO !
1755Landgrave of Hesse sells mercenaries to England for defence of Hanover
1755End of Anglo-Aust. alliance
1756The Black Hole of Calcutta, 123 British soldiers are alledged to have died there
1756Treaty of Westminster; alliance between Britain and Prussia
1756Anglo-Prussian Treaty of Westminster
1756Britain declares war on France - Seven Year's War
1756120 British soldiers imprisoned and die in India ("Black Hole of Calcutta")
1757Clive captures India from the French
1760King George II of England dies; succeeded by his grandson George III
1763The Seven Years war ends with the Treaties of Paris and Hubertusburg    GO !
1765British Parliament passes Stamp Act for taxing American colonies    GO !
1766Repeal of Stamp Act, but Declaratory Act states Britain's right to tax American colonies    GO !
1767Townshend Duties: taxes on imports of tea, glass, paper, and dyestuffs in American colonies; non-importation agreement at public protest meeting in Boston    GO !
1767First Mysore War
1772Boston Assembly demands rights of colonies, threatens secession
1774Quebec Act, to secure Canada's loyalty to Great Britain, established Roman Catholicism in Canada
1775American Revolution begins    GO !
1776March/May France and Spain secretly provide support to American colonists through fictitious companies
1778February - France signs a treaty of alliance with the United States
1779Spain declares war on Britian
1779British war against Mahrattas in India
177921 June - Spain enters the American colonist's war against Great Britain
1780Henry Grattan demands Home Rule for Ireland
1780Gordon riots in London ("No Popery")
1780Outbreak of Second Mysore War
1781Warren Hastings deposes Rajah of Benares, plunders treasure of the Nabob of Oudh
1782Lord North resigns; full Parliamentary government restored
17833 September - The Paris Peace Treaty officially ends the American Revolution
1787Warren Hastings impeached.
1788George III's first attack of mental illness; regency crisis in England
1789King George II of England recovers
1790Third Mysore War
1794Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Britian
1799Britain joins Russo-Turk alliance
1799Kingdom of Mysore divided between Britain and Hyderabad
1801Act of Union of Great Britain and Ireland comes into force
1802Peace of Amiens between Britain and France
1804Spain declares war on Britain
1806Napoleon's Berlin Decree begins "Continental System"
1809Treaty of Dardanelles between Britain and Turkey
1809Treaty of friendship between Britain and the Sikhs at Amritsar
1811George III of England insane; Prince of Wales becomes Prince Regent
1812U.S. declares war on Britain    GO !
181211 May - PM Spencer Perceval assassinated, replaced by Lord Liverpool
1813Prussia declares war on France
1814Congress of Vienna opens
1814Treaty of Ghent ends British-American war    GO !
1814Lord Hastings, Governor-General of India, declares war on the Gurkhas (Nepal)
1815Corn Laws passed
1818Act suspending Habeas Corpus is repealed
1819"Peterloo" massacre of Corn Law protestors
1820King George III of England dies; succeeded by Prince Regent as George IV
1822Congress of Verona opens to discuss European problem
1822Bottle riots in Dublin, viceroy attacked by Orangemen
1825Anglo-Russian Treaty of British territory in north-western N. America
1826Treaty of Yandabu ends Burmese War
1827By the Treaty of London the Allies agree to force a truce on the Sultan
1828Mehemet Ali agrees to Britain's demand to quit Greece
1829Outbreak of First Opium War between Britain and China
1830William IV becomes King of Great Britain and Ireland
1834Quadruple Alliance: Britain, France, Spain and Portugal
1834South Australia Act allows establishment of colony there
1834Monopoly of the China trade by the East India Company abolished; friction between China and Britain
1835The Municipal Corporation Act revolutionises borough government in England
1837William IV dies and is succeeded by his niece, Victoria
1838First British-Afghan War
1838Anti-Corn Law League established in Manchester
1840Queen Victoria marries her cousin Albert, who becomes Prince Consort
1841Britain's sovereignty proclaimed over Hong Kong
1841New Zealand becomes British colony
1842Webster-Ashburton Treaty between Great Britain and the U.S. defines Canadian frontier
1842Treaty of Nanking ends Opium War between Britain and China
1843Maori revolts against Britain in New Zealand
1845Anglo-Sikh War begins
1846Treaty of Lahore ends First Sikh War
1848Second Sikh War begins
1850Outbreak of Anglo-Kaffir War
1851Beginning of Basuto War
1852Outbreak of Second Burmese War
1853Peace between Britain and Burma
1853Crimean War begins
1854Convention of Bloemfontein
1854Britain and France conclude alliance with Turkey and declare war on Russia
1854Elgin Treaty between Britain and U.S. on Canadian trade
1855Britain and Afghanistan join against Persia in Treaty of Peshawar
1856Brit.-Persian war begins
1857Peace of Paris ends Anglo-Persian war
1857Indian Mutiny against British rule
1857Irish Republican Brotherhood (Fenians) founded
1858Treaty of Tientsin ends Anglo-Chin. war
1858British proclaim peace in India
1860Second Maori War begins
1861Albert dies and Victoria retires into mourning
1867Brit. Parliamentary Reform Act
1867Fenian outrages in Ireland and in Manchester
1874End of Ashanti war
1877Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India
1879Peace signed with Zulu chiefs
1879Treaty of Gandamak
1880Transvaal declares itself independent of Britain
1881Treaty of Pretoria: Britain recognises independent Transvaal Republic
1884Berlin Conference of 14 nations on African affairs
1884London Convention on Transvaal
1886First Indian National Congress meets
1886Gladstone introduces bill for Home Rule in Ireland
1887First Colonial Conference opens in London
1889London County Council formed
1890Cecil Rhodes- Premier of Cape Colony
1893Second Irish Home Rule bill passed by Commons but rejected by Lords
1895American pressure leads to arbitration of the British boundary dispute with Venezuela
1899Boer War between Britain and the Boers
1899London borough councils established
1901Queen Victoria dies, succeeded by her son, Edward VII
1901Queen Victoria dies, succeeded by Edward (VII)
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